The Astral Anthropologist is a term that was coined by a friend, when I was talking about what I love to do on the astral and working with spirits. It was a great wa to describe my gathering of information on not just the spirits of the world, but of those of the Astral.

The information that is featured here is on the different races that I come across in my travels. Not only gathering information about them, but to live as they do and learn as they do. The idea is to come closer to understanding not just their cultures, but also our own. Exploring the Astral and coming into contact with new cultures and ideals is thrilling and exciting. It’s something that I love to do, and strive to learn more.

I’m an Astral Anthropologist, and these are the things I have learned on my Travels.

Panel 1

The Contracts

Deity Contracts:
Sedna – Selkies
Skaði – Yawggða: Ice Wolves (Pending)

Permission Contracts:

Exclusive Encountered** Contract:
Volunierk (Light Ones)
Volunierna (Dark Ones)
Voluniearva (Earth Ones)
Lmoruc (Volunierna Falcon)
Astriferous (Dragon)
Lilith’s Own: Seductors & Seductress
Rajael Ravstervrajh (Monarch People)
Ecegorn (High Light Forest Elves)
Zu’urial (Elvish Forest Owl)
The Pavo (Peacock Shifters)
Xirduga (Aura Dragon)
Feycuff (Mammalian Dragon)
Seacrilis (Water Cloud Fae Dragon)
Weljan (Storm Beast)
Opearn (Grim)
Lcardig’ol (Water Horse)

Contracts Pending*/Undone^:
Aspidochelone (Island Turtle)

Pending Exclusive Encountered** Contracts
Zardivig (Hydra)
Yorndin (Nightmares: Equine)
Roketgal (Sanguine Djinn)
Eajurak (White Arts Psy Vampire)