Odd Astral Experience?

It was dreaming, yet it wasn’t. It was more aware of the astral, as I was falling asleep, so it made it seems like I was asleep when in reality I wasn’t. And I actually saw and communicated with this woman who wanted to help me project, because at the last moment as I was falling asleep, I realized that for projecting that my consciousness can leave just as the rest of my body.. it’s a weird process I figured out, like I am technically a spirit and my body just holds it, not owns it. It never really clicked before, and I couldn’t really grasp it until now.

And so this woman tries to help me out, and I almost get out, when I said no and she begins to scream.. in anger. And she told me that she would get me, and I said never, I’ll only ever leave if it is one of my mates with me (to which I always know if it is them, no impostors are able to replicate the bond, their thoughts.. just them).. then another came along and this time, it was as though I was seeing my room, but it was slightly different, as if I had left my body and saw it for real.

It was a pink room, which made me twitch, but another, blonde, came along and tossed her out the window and then said something like. I said NO ONE can come here for bodies or something along those lines.. and closed the curtains.. the window stared shaking and I could hear screaming of the other woman. She wanted to take control of my body permanently and was close to doing so, though I refused to leave without my mates present.

I’m confused by this, considering I know that they said I was ready to project, I just need to try. But.. Im so confused as to all of it.. I could tell that she was adamant about trying to get me out so she could take over my body, for sure… but idk how to feel.