Long Awaited


It’s been a long time since i have gone into the world of the Rajael, especially since it was when I first came into connect with them. Now though, it seems like i am being pulled to them more and more at times. Its wore when I am feeling particularly down and they feel I need to feel sensual and beautiful.

Going into the Astral, this is how I experience it.

the tunnel is dark as I walk though it, it’s always dark and it is always like a cave. I wonder if this is how I transition into the Astral, through a cave instead of like a doorway. I can feel the pull to them, it’s sensual just like their energy. If I would have to say, it is a more subtle version that the Seductors put off. The world turns a bit as things become clear and I appear int a room. The place is made of marble and its a mix of light and dark red colors. It’s smooth and cold underneath my feet, which are bare but bear beautiful slave anklets with toe rings. It’s a delicate silver chain that is outfitted with beautiful crystals that shine. I can feel the energy radiating off of them and I wonder if this is their version of crystals the can channel their energies. I’ll think on it another time.

I hear a tinkling of light bells, those attached to someone walking closer. My own clothing is quite light and airy, made of chiffon and I am sure that there is a lot of skin showing. I know that my top half is bear except for delicate chains overlapping into an elaborate chest piece and necklace. It barely covers the top of my exposed chest. I can feel the head ornament dip to the front of my third eyes and back into my hair, the same with chains attaching to my septum of my nose. I retain my nose piercing. I would expect to shiver in the state of undress, but I feel oddly comfortable.

“My Lady Ralkjin, please join us. You have been long awaited by Queen’s name Rajkallevra. Her Ravj awaits your arrival.”

She is very beautiful, outfitted in clothes that are more covering than mine, which means that she is a servant. her black hair swishes across her butt as she walks away, a graceful glide. Her wings are not apparent, but I can see where the scars on her back lay. I know that they can retract them as they please. Following the tinkling of the white clad servant girl, I go into a much smaller room filled with incense. The floor turns into a deep black marble and silken pillows fill the room. It was scattered, but I could see the bright colors of the Princesses and the Princes. There was no King at the present. The ages between the royal family varied from very young to well past adulthood. For the side of grace, I made sure to keep my eyes ahead and focused on the woman that sat in the largest and most elegant pillow seatee. It did not escape my notice that the males very extremely attractive, as were the females. While they were not of the sexual type, it was hard to escape those feelings of interest seeing half naked or mostly naked people standing around.

The Rajkallevra was gracious in welcoming me. She stood up and I gave her a short bow to show my respect. She wore almost no clothing of her own, instead where the chain adornment on my chest lay, were crystals embedded into her skin. It was extraordinary and beautiful all at once.

“Welcome Lady Ralkjin. It has been long since we have first contacted you.”

I bow my head. “It has been long, for that I apologize for the wait. It has been quite some year for me in the Human Realm.”

She smiled with a beautiful and kind gesture. “It is no worry, you are here now, and quite impressively, still aware of your own human body. I am impressed that you are taking down your experiences like how you are. Please feel free to speak of anything, so long as there are no names mentioned. It is thrilling to know that so many will picture our realm in such beautiful detail.”

The Rajkallevra bowed her head and motioned for the others around, “Come and enjoy your time here and experience our people. When you return back later on, I shall five you a tour of the city,”

There is shuffling as I am guided over to a large pillow where the Rajkallevra can still keep an eye on me. The closest Princes swarm over with the Princesses following. Some hang back, though I notice that it is the ones that are younger that approach me. I smile and indulged them in so many questions. Like how I am both here and there at the same time. What the world i come from is like, do we have others that look the same, why I wear so many clothes that cover my body when I am a station too high for such covering. it foes on and on, and the longer I speak with them, the more th older ones relax. Some start to join in with me and ask questions too.

Before too long, I must leave but I do not wish too. It is nice and it is comforting. I am welcome there, and they treat me very kindly.As i sit here with them, basking in their presence, I can feel them weaving my hair, which is longer than most of theirs. The younger girls  are enjoying weaving things into them. I manage to get a look and see that there are a variety of colored crystal beads. They seem to be very proud as I gaze at it. There is a red one, a ruby. It stands for the blood that I have spilt as a warrior. There is a white one that signifies that I am a Healer. There are a few others and placings that they ramble over. One that catches my attention is an arrangement of silver and gold. Some of the other males smirk and were pleased to explain.

The arrangement in my hair of silver and gold meant that while I am taken, I am not unavailable. It stands for the arrangement that I am mated to many but open for others if I should so please. I turned red at that and tried to look away from some of the more handsome ones. The queen took my embarrassment asa chance to wave me closer. I stood and joined her, wanting to know what she wished to speak of. She pulled me down to her level and whispered in my ear. If I wasn’t red before, I am now. She spoke of the same contract that I have with the Volunierk. Flushing, she knew that I had been given enough to work with. With a kiss on the cheek, she bade me farewell.

The same servant girl approached and took my hand. Guiding me back to the spot that I originally appeared. she bowed and wished me a safe journey back.

Note: This was the first time that I was awake and aware of what was happening on both sides, enough so that I could record what I saw. It is still rough and something that I may very well practice more.


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