Path of Desinty

The first time that I came across the Yilugh, pronounced yee-lew, was when my current girlfriend gifted me with a sterling silver locket. The locket itself had a heart that transformed into a buck and its antlers. After taking many Tests, the Yilugh have gifted me with the right to work with them in a more personal setting. They are in simple, the Deer of Destiny. They guide the highest of souls and people on their paths. They could be considered celestial as they work in line with those of the Fate deities and the Universe itself.

It’s taken me this long to finally get into good position of working with them. I had come across the one in my locket, whom is not the Leader, Aver, but is still close to my heart. He helped me through a different manner. That was how I first learned of them, when he appeared attached to my necklace and also held a deeper connection between myself and my mates. He would make it stronger in times that I needed it to ensure I knew that my mates loved me.

Getting off track, it was a great surprise tonight that not only was I reminded of the name that the Leader gave to me as his, but bestowed upon me two other names. The first was the name Yilugh which is the name of their kind. That is the most successful thing for me to receive, because that is a sign that I passed any Tests that they put me through on the Astral. The downside to the Testing though, is that it will have to wait until way later on and Aver deciding that I am allowed to remember, before I know exactly what occurred. Although, I do remember the initiation part of it, the beginning.

The second name that was given to me, Elontris , is a word that I have yet to learn the meaning of. It is like the term human, but it means being. Though, by how it is used, it can be a title or a simple term for a human/Being. But, it is also used as a way of being. It’s like a state of being. It’s quite odd, and I am not sure that I will ever figure out the true meaning, as it is lost in the translation. The best I figure, is that it is a name they have bestowed on me to use.


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