New Name, New Meaning

They appeared to me while I was doing a Calling. It was unusual, but I was thinking about the Astral and more traveling. I wondered if there was a skill that a dragon could easily use to help those with traveling. I was not expecting them to appear before me. It was especially prevalent when I found a necklace piece that reminded me of this new dragon’s coloring, but also the piercing gem upon his forehead.

I called them the Astral Dragons, simply because that is what they were and are. They are the embodiment of them and I cannot fault the simple logic I used. I had asked them if I may use a name of their kind, to which I was hearing they were referred to as The Keepers. As the embodiment of the Astral itself and of its energies, this does not surprise me that the Spirits call them by such titles.

Speaking of it with a group of spirit workers, I had mentioned that I had heard a name for them, but it didn’t make sense. Asatru, or the ones who worship the Aesir. It’s nordic practitioner. That was when another in tune with their energy picked up the name, Astriferous, which is a close sounding name as Asatru. It means, bearing stars, or also what Astral means of stars. It is quite fitting. I cannot wait to learn and know more of their kind.


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