Blood Feuds and Negotiations

A few nights ago, I was approached by a spirit that was desperate for help. My head was splitting open and my automatic writing was only vaguely working. I was getting messages that were in Latin, French, German, Spanish, English. All of these were different ways to try and translate their speech, his words. It took work with a few friends (in the real life), to help me at least piece it together. Mainly it was translating and then another helped with trying to get more information intuitively. Dues, their gods were of spring. There were words of slavery and kidnapping. They spoke of workers and betrayal. It was all so jumbled, and I spent a long time flitting back and forth between the physical and the Astral. He kept calling me Elontris, Elontris.. over and over, stressing that I was to be a mediator for them, to end the blood feud.
I have no name for the type of spirit that greeted me on the Astral, though I was able to draw a very good likeness to the one that approached me. Haeck (Hay-k), I’ll call him. He was desperate for help and it was so jumbled that I could not get the story straight. Words and images were pounding at my head. So I went upstairs to my room and worked on getting to the Astral. I can remember laying down to focus and managing to get into a good state of mind, when I appeared on the Astral. A lot of it has become a blur, because there was a sharp pain in my side from hip to ribcage on the left side. the next that I know, I am trapped in the Astral, unable to leave and I am hallucinating something horrible. According to the healers that I was transported to, I had been stabbed with a knife that had some hallucinogenic poison. In the normal time standards, I was incapacitated for about thirty minutes. When it was a fair few hours there.
Once I was able to regain my sense of self and without the nasty visions, which consisted of seeing every person as a skull that is covered with skin, no extra parts like the eyeballs or norse or lips, just skin over bone. It was creepy.
I woke up to Merkior, Haeck, the Healer, and Ro standing beside me. Apparently, Ro is the one that found me. I am sent back, waking up from the Astral. I was told to relax until my Astral body was able to recover. It took about another 30 minutes of laying there before I was able to do anything. During that time, I was able to work out exactly what had happened. The two different cultures, the one Haeck was from and their allies. The Allies believed that they had been slighted during the spring because the crops were shorter than they were supposed to be. They, with a betrayer/mole, kidnapped the people to sell as slaves and workers. A blood feud was called, the Allies retaliating again by destroying the statues of Haeck’s culture, the one that represents their deities. The deities were beyond livid at the destruction, Not caring who was at fault. I was called to end it and figure out a peaceful solution. Their whole kind were refugee in a deep forest to make sure none were taken again. The mole was weeded out as I recovered.

Going back in, I was able to meet up with Merkior, who was still in the room. This time though, it was darker outside, so I knew a decent amount of time had passed. I sat up and approached him, he handed over the treaty that he came up with my ideas. The peaceful solution was, is that the Allies were to receive their land, everything in it and the realm, so long as they returned those that have been enslaved and were to never contact them again. I agree and Merkior walks me from the Infirmary. We walk for a bit before I’m unable to hold it any longer. Are this point, I am told to go to sleep.Once I wake, I am thinking clearer and I was able to hold the Astral Travel long enough to complete what I needed to. I appear in the Castle Telron, where all of this has been stationed for the time being. I can feel my dress settled around me, and at this point, I am wearing the ritual markings on both my astral and physical form. My dress is white with these chiffon wings attached with delicate chains to my middle finger. I step out to have a fair few of the new arrivals and some of the Volunierk bow to me and greet me as Lady Elontris, though the Volunierk refer me to as a different title. Heack steps forward and asks if I am ready. We step into the realm of their previous Allies,

Once I get there, I can tell why Heack does not like it. As we walk, those that are there sniff and walk with their chins too high. They have the same type of body, but their faces are more angular, their teeth are completely sharp, they have more cat-like features, though they carried the high and mighty air. We step into the castle that was there, made of white marble. I am walking down the center and to the aisle, which is a red carpet type of deal. A leader is sitting in a throne and looks at us in distate. I state the reason we are there and that I am a meditator. I told him that he could refer to me as Elontris, as that is my title of the time there.

Eventually, I get them to agree to release the slaves and serfs, both dead and alive. I learned that the ones that passed away were burned and their ashes tossed to the side. Least to say, this was downright horrifying to Haeck. It apparently is a great insult to their culture. Their dead is buried in a ritual to return them to the ground and burning is the opposite of doing so.

They signed in blood, signaling the end of the contract. While we were doing the negotiations, I had Haeck send his people back to their city and take everything that they can to relocate to another realm and reestablish it. Once we left, I was taken to the city that previous held Haeck’s people. I have yet to learn more about them, other than that they are… astounding herbal, gardening, farming, anything plant skills. I was going help them get established, but I was forced out of the Astral and to rest because the previous-allied group’s realm felt very negative and drained everything from me.


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