Starting At The Boardwalk

I have been getting into the habit of going to the Astral as I fall asleep. Why, I am not so sure. I do know that it has been making it much more prominent that I travel in my sleep. It has been a bit disturbing or unsettling this past night. I just know that what I was reading right before sleeping played a big part. Whether it was traveling in dreamscape or other, that’s still a mystery.

But I made it a note to really start working on my astral travel itself. I wanted to start exploring more. Corv pulled me back and away from this underwater place, and we ended up on the Boardwalk. I got frustrated when he said that I worked with so many spirits that I need not to search for more. Which is true, but I do love to explore and learn so much from things. I wanted more to explore and swim, to get a bit away. I responded that I did just want to go to a new place. All I got in response was a roll of the eyes and “You are like a bear to honey, to not meet an new culture is almost impossible. Somehow you always end up working contract with them.”

“Well then, if I am to stay here, then you better be walking with me.”

I feel asleep close after that.


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