Full Moons and Rituals

I had a hard time waking up this morning, being around 10:30am, but was so tired that I fell asleep again. So I returned to the Pool Room and sat down in my spot of the Pool. I put my feet in and picked at the grass. The situation with the deity and all of the contracts and whatnot had me exhausted and troubled.

“You shouldn’t be here, you know. You should be resting,” Umo told me as he sat down. Xel joined him, placing his head to my left side. I asked where Ari and Aly were, my baby hydra and ice/water dragon, because they were always hanging out around Xel. Immediately, they jumped into the Pool and swam over. Ari was proud because she gained another head, making to 3. Aly was just excited about swimming around in the water and getting attention.

Umo told me that I need to rest from everything, I spoke about needing to find a Cockatrice for Cy (my best friend). They said that they would go and search for me, “needing a new adventure”.

I was shocked but told them I wanted to be the one to do it. They were adamant and took the orb of energy that I had from Cy (obviously it was ambient energy from messages and was to be a surprise that I was looking).  They moved away with the crystal, Xel making his way to Hometree. Umo stayed long enough to tell Aly and Ari to find Sen and then ‘grounded’ me. So until tonight, when the ritual was to occur, I am grounded.


Old Roots, Old Systems

This post is coming halfway through an experienced over the course of a few days. But this was separate enough that I felt comfortable to share.

We arrived at the this massive tree, and he pulled me close. The pups growled but otherwise didn’t do anything. He gave me a rough kiss and then I pushed him away. “You must call for me if you feel like you are in danger.” He looked at me with serious eyes. “How can I do that if I don’t know your name?” He smiled and looked to the tree and back at me. “Feel my energy and pull. I will leave you to your devices to learn, but I will not leave you abandoned or in danger. Call me if you need me.” He disappeared quickly after that.

I left the pup in the base of the the tree just inside of it. When walked into it to be immediately accosted by a little girl though I can tell that it is an illusion of some kind, I am just too polite to see through it like normal. “Where are you doing? Are you looking or something?” I turn to her, she is wearing a white and pink dress with frill underneath. She has blond hair and it’s set in ringlets. The is a pink ribbon tied around her head. “I’m going to look in the caverns for something, thank you though.” She smiles and bounces around, her expression becomes serious. “You are a _messenger_ for them, aren’t you? They have you on a journey. Be careful, they are dangerous.” She looks at my runes and then disappears. I knew that i had to keep a very good log of what happens, so I left the pups there so that I could record this better. I best be getting back.

The pups are hidden underneath the roots, close to the first section that we walked in to. The pack is over one shoulders and I continue with them into the center of the tree. It’s dark but it’s lit from sconces on the wall. We continue down into the roots, it’s looking more like a cavern cave instead of the roots of the walls. Silver is on my left and gold is on my right. I can feel the pressure of walking down further as we near the change in realms. The energy of the area is much older and it gets hair raising at some point.  We pass by a few of the Fae, and they glance at me only to walk quickly away.

It seems that we are walking for quite some time. It is quiet except for the occasional dripping of water. The further that we go down. The more that we see wandering around. They barely glance at us, but I can tell the conversations pick up when we do pass by. It comes to a head when we walk into a place that has a fork in the road per se. There are many of them gathering in groups behind us, causing the pups to shift around. I open my eyes again and try to bilocate since it would be easier to see that and control the body too, just so that I can see the computer keys as I type. The pups get concerned because I fade a bit, but I tell them that I haven’t done this in awhile and that it’s taking me a second. Behind us, one of the Fae move towards. They clear their throat and we all turn around to see the room hushing.  They speak a music language, one that I am struggling to understand.  I can roughly translate, but to speak back, I am not sure how to. I look to the pups, unsure how to respond.

“Can we help you?” They ask, and with Fae you cannot accept help from them or you will be in their debt.  “No thank you, I am on a journey and just figuring out which way to go.

They paused at my gabled reply, looking between another. The one in front of me reaches out and brushes a finger down the center of my forehead. “You are one of them.”

“Them, I am not sure. Trying to find about them, yes.” He quirked an eyebrow at the admission, but I did not ask help nor accept.  “I see that you have worked with our kind before, you think of what to say or do before doing so.”

I smiled at him and nodded, no willing to say anything else. I place a hand on their heads of my pup. “I must get doing, the one who sent me if very impatient and I need to know more about him. He will not like for me to return empty handed.” I bowed my head in thanks, but do not utter the words. I turned partially so that I didn’t turn my back on them completely and examined the walls, seeing which would be the best bet to go down. There is no markings saying otherwise, but I am hoping that in someway, I may get a pull or a nudge. I decide that the left cavern is the one that I want to go to, but hesitate when a hand lands on my shoulder.

“Are you sure that you wish to do this? Do you wish to know that much of the Old Ones?

“If I don’t know something, I will be in more trouble than if I do come back with something. HE wants me to find this out myself., though he will only give me hints to it.”

I’m a little too sharing, but it may get me something. What, I’m not sure. The pups shift nervously, standing around for too long while there are many in the room. The Fae smirks lightly and then points to the right cavern.

“If you wish to know of the old ones, that cavern is the one that you will take. If it is the dark ones that you wish to know, the left one is the one you wish to take.”

“You give this information up so freely.” The Fae smirked. I could heed his message and his words, and give him another in return. So to what do I give, if I do? I bowed my head to acknowledge what he says. I continue to go down the left one, though the pups get nervous. It’s darker and older. The right path feels lighter and newer. It’s the new religions, the new informations, while what I needed was there. The Fae just cackled as I walked away, knowing that I did not heed his word, nor pay him for it. I cannot trust anyone but myself and the pups. We continue to walk, deeper and deeper. Things start to glow on their own, and the sconces were flickering more than staying lit.  I get to a part where things start appearing on the walls, and I examine them, to hear a voice so deep it’s like a rocks grinding together. “Who disturbs me?” He looks exactly like HIM, almost to a tee, except that this one is more feral, and closed off.

“I am merely looking for information.” He gets so close to me I can feel his breath.

“His energy is all over you. You are here for him. Seek what you must, but do you truly wish to?”

I narrow my eyes at him and he backs away, “look to the stars, young one. Beware of the danger.” He fades away. There are many drawings and I sketch them down.. But I don’t get much from them. I keep walking deeper and deeper to get more information. I draw everything I see, and then it hits me, look to the sky. I look up and almost scream at the image of HIM above me. I know that it is him and not another. I back further down the corridor and look to the drawings. They end up turning into odd lines crossing and “drawings” there is only a single picture of him left on there before the cavern comes to a close. I told the werepups to go home and I returned not long after.  I need to look at it more later on.