Crystal Eggs

Jess had been pulled a fair few times to this cave, where it was filled to the brim with crystals. When she went again this time, she learned that they were crystal dragons that hibernated and turn into crystals in that state. She got slammed up against the wall and spiked through the chest. As she is speaking with this dragon, Svet describes them while channeling through Jess. I manage to draw them:

What she figured out was that they were inside a geode, their version of an egg. She was able to be taken outside of the egg and to one of their leaders. The Eldar was an aquamarine that she helped to fend off their terror enemy that preys on their eggs to eat the young. It’s a mix between a ¬†gargoyle and a t-rex. ¬†It had taken out all of the other eggs and it was the last of its kind (the eggs). The Aquamarine dragon laid its head on Jess’ lap and shattered.

It passed away after it told Jess to watch over their kind, to save their race. It gave her a contract to save them however she could. The white one that originally found her returned to the egg since it was not old enough to leave. It was just a small one (maybe the equivalent of like a 4week old fetus), and was the size of an 18-wheeler. The average of their kind is the size of mountains.

I wanted to help in anyway that I could. It did not have to be asked, the Astriferous were already on it to create them a safer and newer realm. I wanted to save the babies that I could, I knew that I had to try and save them. We transported the last egg there where I had designed a space specifically for the eggs, for safety. I jumped back to that realm after Jess had given me the go ahead to go back and forth there.

I went back to my Sacred Space and gathered 7 of the largest objects that I could find. I cannot speak more of them, but to say that they are crucial is imperative. I did a ritual and spilled some of my blood in order to create a better bond and make them stronger to use. When I got back, I had the help over everyone that volunteered to help, to place these babies as close as they could to these objects, where after a certain number was reached, they morphed into a crystal egg. After that, they were transported there for safety and into the spots I had created just for them.

There was a black amethyst one that was in the corner of the realm that was just as large as the previous aquamarine one. He was in the dormant crystal state, but was waking up and mourning the loss of the aquamarine one. When she was exploring while this happened, making sure that the gargoyle/t-rex was nowhere to be found, she runs across another adult, not as large but still decently sized. He was a peridot color, but it was closer to a seagreen color. I take the rest of the eggs and the seagreen one to the new realm, where they settle in nicely.

For now, I check on them regularly to see how the eggs are and to help turn them so each gets the warmth it needs.