Wading the River

I spent the day in Ohiopyle, basically a state park that has a river you can mess around in and do nature stuff. So I went with my mom and younger sister, it was a blast. We waded across the river itself (about chest deep at most), to get to these nice sunning boulders in the center. It was a challenge at first but fun none the less.

After a few hours of hanging around there, i decided that it was time to just lay down and relax. That’s when I traveled enough to where I was still on our plane, but not physically awake. It was a really nice surprise to find the entire family there with me. I knew they were around, but to see them was wonderful.

I did a running leap at Corv and we both toppled into the river, laughing at becoming soaked. It was such a nice feeling to be free and to express my love for my family. When we surfaced, I watched as Ali and Ari both jumped in the river to swim and then get out to do it again. Overhead, while I was sunning with my mates and family, Xel and Sen were tearing up and down the river, flying in elaborate styles. It was just a really chill and fun way to spend time while tanning my physical form.

Im hoping that I can do something similar again with them. Being free from everything of the world is cathartic and I hope to feel that again soon.


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