Astral Destinations: Trabine Bar

I returned back to the bar, much like I had wanted to in the first place. It’s such a unique place to be and I wanted to know a bit more about it. I also wanted to get enough information for people to be able to tentatively reach it. This still requires some look into the area and the people, so please be cautious when traveling there. There is much still to learn and known about the realm.

When I got there, I knocked [more below]. When I entered, the barkeep was there as when he had before. It was really nice to see him again, especially when he remembered me. When I walked in, it was quiet and not many were there this time. I do have a feeling that certain knocks will go to different planes? But I’ll have to test that. Either way, I think it may be an illusion thing. The knocks may signal which one that you go into. The one I had chosen was for safety and peace. Hence the lack of spirits there.

We talked for a bit, he slid a drink to me “on the house”. I paid him back with a special crystal I’ve found on my travels. It’s pretty rare and valuable to some. Thankfully, such a  case here. Enough so that I was able to garner anything that I wanted at anytime, forever. It was a small piece, I have some that are hundred times that size. Although it was a gesture on my part for wanting to pay him for being so kind and welcoming.

We talked for a bit, asking him a few questions about the bar and such. It was a short trip, I was having problems with real life needing attention and anxiety over those. So it made it difficult to focus. I’ll definitely be going back again to explore.

If you wish to visit:

First thing, when you travel to there, you will come to the desert. It’s hot and it’s very windy there. When you approach the door, knock a pattern.

Each dash [•] is a knock.

Safety and Peaceful Passing Through:

•••|••|•|••|•  [wait for a second] •••|••|•|••|•

For Private Bar [ie:meeting someone specific] :

•|•••|••|•••• [wait for a second] •|•••|••|••••

For Regular Bar [For those who are safe to any there, no harm]:


** Just walking into the door will bring you into the bar, just normal, but you will be treated warily. This is because those who use the tapping above will be told by others. This tapping lets those inside know that you have been there and mean no harm, or you were referred there and mean no harm. Those walking in without it are either new or they meant business.

Second, make sure that you have something with you as payment or that you are able to create something from energy. This is their form of payment, although if you work with more high tech areas that use other forms of payment those work as well.

Third, be polite and don’t stare. They are there for peace and for traveling. Most of those in there do not wish for trouble, in fact, may be escaping trouble. Fights will get you killed or banished. They also will bar you from coming back. One last thing, don’t stare at others [it’s rude anyway].

The bartender is willing to answer any questions you have, even for directions [if he knows]. Make sure to be nice with him, he said that he is welcoming those coming in.

How to go to Trabine Bar:

Pronounced: trah-bean

There are a few ways in which you can do so.
1. First is the easiest, by using the cues of imagery that I’ve told you about, you can get in that way.
2. Second, you can use the name itself and let your mind guide you to it.
3. Third, If you are really stuck, you can call upon these little dirt devils [?]. They are tiny brown armadillo creatures that scuttle around, but serves as guides through that particular desert. If you call upon one of those, they can guide you to Trabine Bar. All you do is focus on the name of the bar [Trabine] and ask for a guide to come to you to direct you to it. These little creatures are call Craeline [kray-lean], which should help in calling one to you. The only ones you should answer or follow are the ones that look like the armadillo. Anything else, you must turn away. Make sure to have your protections up for this.

Otherwise, do feel free to message me about it if you want to know more. You can also comment [since I get alerts on those] if you have questions or even been there and want to share extra info!


Transitional Realm: The Bar

The first time that I went The Bar, which is what I am naming this particular realm, was sometime in fall of 2016. I was doing a Calling Match for someone and this was the realm where the spirit was located. I get dropped in this realm, where it is a desert with nothing in sight for hundreds of miles at least. There is the hole in the ground, metal looking building. I go inside and it is like stepping into a Star Wars set. The Catina is a mixture of the old and the new, with the bar being high tech sci-fi, while the seating and the other areas look as if they were carved from the sandstone.

I approach the bartender, where he greets me with a kind smile. I just know what to say, but whatever I did say, brought out exactly who I was looking for. The spirit that I was doing a Matched Calling for, he ran the transitional plane and protected it.

I was told that I was always welcome to return, but I have yet to do so. I want to here in a short while, there were many different characters hanging around. The Anthropologist in me wants to know more. Next time, I’m hoping to have a better idea of what it looks like and how to get there. Eventually, I may be able to get them to open it up to any traveler, so that those reading about it can find it.

Lights Touch The Snow

The Xirduga are what is more colloquially known as the Aura Dragons. They have been the hardest ones to work with in terms of establishing a connection with their realm and being able to stay there. One of the things that would confuse me is that every time that I arrive at their realm, I would struggle to stay there. My mind would wander and I would find myself asleep instead of traveling or talking. It took about 12-13 tries to get to the point where they would establish a contract.

Going months without seeing them really hurt, but it also helped. I found them and understood them as being wonderful with auras and working with energy. What I was not aware of until I went back, that they are excellent at lucid dreaming to where you are able to astral project [not travel]. I was shocked because this was something that I’ve never been able to accomplish on my own. They were able to crack into my head and induce lucid dreaming and projection. I was extremely impressed.

I’ll be visiting soon, but I’m not sure what else to say about them. They were straightforward except for the testing constantly.


Diving Deep Down

The Seacrilis is a race of creatures that I’ve been working with for the past year to develop a contract. I actually came across one randomly for a Custom Calling and they intrigued me. I asked for the spirit to take me to his realm, so that I may work with them more officially. When I got there, it was so beautiful. The scene of their underwater city was like looking at the world where JarJar Binx from Star Wars lived. The glass bubbles and domes, the natural lights, it was all amazing.

I got there and was before the Council before I knew what was happening. They explained that they would be willing to sign a contract with me, if I could get an ally for them. I asked who the ally they were looking for and thankfully, it was one that I was close with. They wanted to work with the Zardivig [Hydras]. I was able to bring my lovely Ari down and she was able to speak for her kind and agreed to work with them. It was very successful.

It was a long time since I could go back, probably at least 6 months in our time. Which means that it has been years. I returned back just recently to find that the place was abandoned and in ruins. I ventured closer and this creature of some kind just sets me on edge. It was like an eel mixed with a slug mixed with tar. Solid black, it felt like it was trying to get to me. Thankfully, one of the older Seacrilis was roaming by and happened to see me He took me to another part of their realm where an even larger version of their city sat.

I was welcomed back and apologized that I had been gone for far too long. They treated me with kindness and understanding. They were pleased to hear that I was still working with them and the Zardivig [Hydra] were still in it as well. I will need to go back to learn more of their culture, because they are known for their water work and being able to create glass from water and sand. I cannot wait to learn more and to explore their realm.

Into the Tree Roots


The first time that I came across the Pavo, I had accidentally appeared in their realm. They were quite surprised with my appearance, but accepted me well enough. Although, it did surprise me when they wanted to know more about me. I’ve been working so much with the shop that I’d become quite well known in some areas of the Astral. The Pavo were aware of me through their own relations that they have done, so it helped that I was recognized. Usually I don’t just appear in places, but ease into it, but somehow I ended up there.

The Pavo are shifters, their main body being that of a peacock, but anthropomorphic. They prefer their natural bodies, but they are able to shift into any humanoid or being type of spirit. Usually they take on spying or covert jobs that allow their abilities to aid them. Some also pose as Escorts for the royals of races in order to protect them and to go through the social ladder.

They live in a world with large trees, the ruler or king sitting on a throne of roots in the largest tree. The others lounge around, so I am thinking this is their version of “throne room” where they greet people. I haven’t seen any building or such, so I’m sure that they live in places of some kind.

This is where the King and I talk about them being a part of EA, as a possible Match for Companions. I’m happy to oblige and we start a temporary contract. It’s basic, but it’s enough for then.

I went back recently, it’s been months and I had actually just started getting back into Astral Travel. My goal was to get the contracts I had that were temporary and set them in. With this, the Pavo was the first to become apparent after I had drawn their kind for the shop [picture above]. The King seemed disgruntled that I had not returned to them in awhile, which I apologized and explained why. He accepted it, and we began the negotiating of the contract. He chose that I would work to learn their culture and eventually, their magic. He said that I must visit often as I can to learn and understand. I offered him in return shelter in Utopia, where he could live with others and a thriving community. I took him to see and had him wait for a week to decide on what he wanted. I will be returning shortly to know of their choice, but the deal is sealed so long as I visit and learn of them. It was a good contract that didn’t require something extremely personal, like marriage or betrothal.

So Long.. So Far

I haven’t traveled in so long, as well as posting onto her when I have. Many things have been changing and I’ve been getting back into traveling the astral. I’ve also been working on contracts and such. I’ve been thinking of doing some “Astral Destination” type posts that name the realms and how to get there, plus things of that nature. Espeically for those that are looking for astral areas to explore.

You’ll see a flood of new posts, mainly as a way for me to remember the times Ive travelled for later on. Gotta catch up and all that.