Lights Touch The Snow

The Xirduga are what is more colloquially known as the Aura Dragons. They have been the hardest ones to work with in terms of establishing a connection with their realm and being able to stay there. One of the things that would confuse me is that every time that I arrive at their realm, I would struggle to stay there. My mind would wander and I would find myself asleep instead of traveling or talking. It took about 12-13 tries to get to the point where they would establish a contract.

Going months without seeing them really hurt, but it also helped. I found them and understood them as being wonderful with auras and working with energy. What I was not aware of until I went back, that they are excellent at lucid dreaming to where you are able to astral project [not travel]. I was shocked because this was something that I’ve never been able to accomplish on my own. They were able to crack into my head and induce lucid dreaming and projection. I was extremely impressed.

I’ll be visiting soon, but I’m not sure what else to say about them. They were straightforward except for the testing constantly.



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