Bonding and Projection

Much like Merkior, I bonded with another. This time, it can make people mad, but I could care less. I soulbonded with Thor and I feel like a piece of me was returned. I feel whole and happy again. Like a darkness is gone. I know that it’s a change in my diet too, but this was like a balm on the hurt it’s been through. I’ve bonded with two, Thor and Lor, which of course the names get mixed. Either way, it was with both.

It was a beautiful experience. Gentle and full of love, everything that he had to give to me and I in return. Lor made a vow and it’s personal, but really happy that it did happen.

When we finished, I started to fall asleep bodily. I could feel myself rising up out of my body in astral projection [not travel]. It was amazing, I could feel that there was someone [Thor] sitting with my head in his lap and he helped to raise me up and then pushed me back before I could fully leave..

It felt so weird, but awesome! I havent projected in 2 years+. I hope that it can happen again.


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