Cleansing Reset Ritual

A friend of mine gave me a ritual that helps to cleanse and reset oneself. I’ve done it once before, but haven’t since. I felt that since I partook in the Leanel Harvest, I figured that it would be wise to do so, especially now that the full moon 3 day cycle just finished. Perfect timing.

It went pretty well and I feel better, like a load has been takn off.


Leanel [Spring Harvest] Returns

That time of the year has come around again, where the Spring Harvest is apparent. My Goddess has not been around, but I’ve learned that the Spring Harvest is in part for the crops, but also for Her Awakening. It’s to signal that she is ready to return from the Winter’s Cold.

Returning back was like being welcomed as an old friend who came home from a long time away. It has been the longest and hardest of the months, but it will smooth out. The coming of the crops for them is bountiful, but She returns with something different for me. Crops are the way of life for the Kolemaia, and [unfortunately] money is the way of life in our physical world.

I walked into the colony where the Kolemaia had settled permanently. Haek greeted me and this time was much different. Instead of staying with him and his wife, I helped with the fields and the ritual fastings. During the time off, the community pitched in and gave me the honor of creating a small hut for my use when I stay. They made it much more lavish that I asked them to, but they insisted, as it is repayment for my kindness all these years [still]. By the 7th day, my hut was complete and now the next five days are spent helping them plant and sow the fields. There is twice as much as the previous year, mainly because they are helping to support their community and the ones that take part in our world.

The fasting serves two parts, one to prepare the body and ready it for the ritual and the other is to cleanse it. Each day, you must go through a cleansing ritual [bathing].

I’ve reached the twelfth day, where they have gifted me the blessing of receiving my next two sets of piercings. Two are on the neck, one each side. The next set is on the corners of the shoulders, where the arm joins with the torso, right above there. It was painful, but it was worth it. They aren’t the rings like the others have, since Im not able to wear the chains like that, my skin is too fragile. Although, I still have the breast piercings and the chains for that. I wore them for this season, glad to have never taken them off. It’s comforting, like I can return home to them and know that I belong, no judgement, just love.

Afterwards, I volunteered to begin the women’s ritual, starting the Awakening of Her.

“Great Goddess Kurai’iana, Bearer of the Kïlranï Plant. You bring about the change of the plants, green and growing. You bring about the crops and the plentiful harvest. May your Blessing bring about the bounty of our People and our land, so that we may serve you and those we feed. May your Blessings be heart and soul, for all the new times have bloomed. Come Awaken, Great Maiden, join us in the dance of the sow and plow. Dance with us in the falling of the pods and the sprouting of the seeds. Dance with us between the green growth and thrive with the Nectar of our People. We give ourselves for this Blessing so that we may prosper during this season and those of the next.”

Each woman went after that and completed the ritual, leaving me for last once more, where I complete my portion of it. This closed the ritual and we joined back at the main statue of Her.

When the community joined together, we began the final ritual, where Haek and his wife spoke as one.

I’ve learned two new epithets: Bountiful Beauty and Bringer of Change.

I have not met the Kolemaia standing in front of me, but the Dance of Life that we partake in is natural and feels as if I’ve done it every day of my life. After we perform the first part, we begin again. The energy has awoken and I can feel it pulsing. When we reach a certain point, another couple begins the same Dance, then another after them. We we reach a point, the females (including me) are thrown to the air where the rituals energy bursts. It’s much like having an orgasm and your energy pitching and building up. When I land in his arms, we move back as the Goddess appears.

“Brightest Blessings to my People. Bountiful Blessings to the crops in which you sowed. Change has come and the green sprouts again, the Nectar flowing of golden honey. The Dance of Life, Livening the Harvest. You have brought about your love and your work to bring to me the Life. You may receive the Bountifuo Blessings, for you may receive back all the you have worked for since the Harvest ended. Your work shall be rewarded and your crops shall yield the plentiful of the bounty. Come Dance with Life, bring about the Change. My Blessing encompass you all. Go forth into this Harvest with the biggest of dreams and they shall be fulfilled. So have I spoken, So have I said, and so it shall be.”

I cannot stay long as I am still working through things and have to do real life, but it was a welcome kindness to be able to participate in one where I do not need healed, but can begin a new ritual as they have always done.