Hello, my name is Ashley and I am the author and traveler of this site.
I live with my girlfriend and three cats, working with Spirits and walking the Astral every moment I can.

There is not a specific time frame in mind when I speak about first learning who I was to be. There is a large blackness when it comes to my childhood, so I can only remember little pieces of it. There are a fair few cases in my youth that I know about when it comes to being spiritual or experiences. The first that I am aware of, happened when I was about 3. My mom spoke of how I would talk about subjects that even some adults had difficulty speaking about. One of those was about my grandfather, who has recently suffered a heart attack. At the age of three, I was able to understand the concepts of what a heart attack was and describing it in detail to the nurses on duty. My mom said that the nurses spoke of me having an old soul and eyes.

The next experience I can remember, was when I was around 6 to 7 years of age. At the time, I had seen the new Jurassic Park movie, so it terrified me to bits. I would have nightmares for months about the obvious attack of dinosaurs. Something changed and I began to see Raptors roaming around the edge of my bed. After a few years of this terror, it faded away by the time I turned 8. I forgot about them until recent years.

My frist real foray into the spiritual came when I turned 13, my gift of empathy opened wide up. I had burst into tears one day during my high school pre-homeroom time. I was in the library with friends when I just let loose and began to cry for no reason. About 10 minutes passed when a close friend of mine walked into the room, her eyes red. She told us that her dog has passed away and she spent the time on the bus crying. I could feel the pain and the happiness of those around me.

When I turned 16, things started happening on a larger scale. My mom and I were driving on the backroads to our house we had recently moved into. She was going pretty fast and there was a blind corner that can be dangerous. I remember falling asleep and waking up from a dream. In the dream, we were driving just like that night, but as we went around the corner of the bend, we ran headfirst into 4 deer. There were 3 bucks and a single doe standing in the middle of the road of this dream, we drove right into them and did not survive. I woke up with a gasp and told her to slow down. We crept around the corner of the road and stopped right in front of 3 bucks and a single doe. I freaked the both of us out that night. In the same time, I felt that something was lurking in my room, and it made me terrified to sleep without a light and the door open. I had to have both, and music playing. Some nights I couldnt sleep because the pressure was so much. One time, I was showering and I was the only one there as my mother was at work. was in the middle of shampooing my hair when the lights flickered. This was usually because it was on top of a mountain and the wind made the lights flicker often. But then it shut off and I heard a deep growl just outside the curtain. I didnt pause, I rinsed my hair and threw on clothes so fast I was out of the house within 5 minutes. I sat in the Jeep and called my mother. It was terrifying, and it took a year after we left the place for her to admit that the same thing happened to her. She never told me.

I’ll skip ahead to when I am just about to get into college, as this is where my life turns in regards to the spiritual.
I got accepted into a college that survived through the Civil War. Every building on that campus has some form of spiritual activity. As this is an extremely long tale, I could write a book on what I experienced there, I will keep it short. During my entire time there, I had experienced everything from residual hauntings to demonic in the church (yes, there is a Demon in the church). It came to a head when I was almost pushed from my raised bed during a dead sleep, as well as capturing the demon on camera (picture). During the last semester of being there (only 3 semesters), I actually had a shadow cat following me around the campus, which helped keep the demons from attacking.

My grandmother passed away in 2011, and I swear to this day, that she is the reason that I can connect with spirits as easily as I can. I had gotten news that she did pass away, traveling 5 hours with my distraught mother to her hometown. There, we went to her viewing and said goodbye. That night, I was in the room that she would stay in, I felt a a warm presence in the room. The next thing I know, I can feel a kiss on my forehead (third eye) before my physical and mental vision was filled with a warm light blue light. I could feel her contentment and peace.

From there, things became more noticeable. I would sense spirits much easier. I came into contact with my now girlfriend at 19, where we both ascended onto new levels of working with the Astral. She introduced me to Automatic Writing and learning to sense through energy manipulation. Eventually, I found and started my tumblr where I came into the concept of the Spirit Companions. It made sense to call it that, though my girlfriend and I had begun that when she met me. Or, I should say, that she introduced the concept of spirit work with me. From there, things exploded and have developed since.


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