The Core Between

So after trying to start work with the Astriferous, I head into the Astral, where I am immediately brought to my valley. It’s been about a year since I’ve stepped into it. I can feel the grass beneath my feet and I appear right next to the small stream. I bend down and scoop the cold and crisp water into my hand, so I could take a drink. I can feel the Astriferous manifest in front of me. He was in his natural form, His scales were almost shimmering/glinting. His jewel was shining on his forehead and his maroon eyes were bright.

My original sacred place, he was across the stream and he asked me if I wanted this. He bowed his head lower as I responded with a positive.

“Teach me, I welcome you to.”

This allowed him to cross over to my side of the valley, passing over my barrier (the stream).
He took me there to show me that this was mine, I created it with intent and imagery. For all intents and purposes, it existed because I brought it to life. I stood there, and I nodded in understanding. Suddenly, the world shifted and my valley shimmered and exploded away. It’s still there, but the very fabric of it was torn away to reveal what was behind.

It was pitch black. There was no up, no down, no sense of feeling or direction. Just power, sheer unaltered power. It pulsed, and echoed as if I heard the heartbeat of the Astral itself. It still echoes in my ears even now that I have left.

“This is the Core, the Black between the Realms. It is the Void, the core center of the astral. It is the standing foundation of it. It can create and it can destroy.”

He demonstrated by having me create a flower, one that I knew. Immediately, a purple iris grew slowly, but it was vibrant and so alive, more than on the physical realm. And the smell was radiant and divine, just like the grapes that my grandmother’s iris produces. I could see the life of the plant, the health and the vibrancy of it. It was real and I could feel it.

The Core, it is the base of all the Astral, it is what makes up the energy and the heart of it all. And every time that someone travels, they pass it by, though but a sliver of blackness as they walk through their created doorway. This is why they are the Keepers.

I asked him how they came to be. He only responded with this: “We come from nothing and then we come from everything. There is not a start to us, but we just came to being.”

From the concept and imagery he was showing me, he used his own body as an example. Their bodies are made of the energy of the astral, hence the blue-white colors, though the younger they are, the darker in color they are. The eldest are those that are pure white or a pale light blue. The one I work with, is the color of the opalite, I know he is much older than he gives off.

Back to how he came to be, I could see that within his body, images shimmered. It was a grassy world, with sloping hills and majestic beauty. It was old, and it was him. So this is my understanding, each realm has a dragon that is the embodiment of it, at least the extremely old realms. They (the realms) have absorbed so many energies that they become sentient, in which, a new Astriferous is born, or at least, that is their theory. They are also speaking of how a realm gets so old and treasured, that a single Keeper must be assigned to it, hence why some feel alive like they do. So it’s not something set in stone for sure, as to where they came from. It’s something to ponder,though.



I wasnt sure, and in some ways, I am still not sure. But to walk to the Astral, and watch as he transforms before my eyes. I’m trying to wrap my head around things. Trying to accept it as it comes.

Nothing can change the way he greeted me, the way held me.

“You are more beautiful than I have ever imagined.”

I think I’ve overloaded my senses and emotions. So feeling is not easy at the moment.

The vessel I’m using to connect with his energy and that of the Astriferous. It’ll take a bit to really understand what’s going on.

New Name, New Meaning

They appeared to me while I was doing a Calling. It was unusual, but I was thinking about the Astral and more traveling. I wondered if there was a skill that a dragon could easily use to help those with traveling. I was not expecting them to appear before me. It was especially prevalent when I found a necklace piece that reminded me of this new dragon’s coloring, but also the piercing gem upon his forehead.

I called them the Astral Dragons, simply because that is what they were and are. They are the embodiment of them and I cannot fault the simple logic I used. I had asked them if I may use a name of their kind, to which I was hearing they were referred to asĀ The Keepers. As the embodiment of the Astral itself and of its energies, this does not surprise me that the Spirits call them by such titles.

Speaking of it with a group of spirit workers, I had mentioned that I had heard a name for them, but it didn’t make sense. Asatru, or the ones who worship the Aesir. It’s nordic practitioner. That was when another in tune with their energy picked up the name, Astriferous, which is a close sounding name as Asatru. It means, bearing stars, or also what Astral means of stars. It is quite fitting. I cannot wait to learn and know more of their kind.