The Crap in the Sea

One of the things that I struggle with is something that is very crucial for spirit workers and astral traveler’s to be aware of. I collect energies on my body and it’s horrible when things start attaching themselves to me because of this. Parasites are the best way of really explaining this.

When I got to the beach, I completely shut down. It was crap and I couldn’t relax for three days. I felt cut off and anxiety driven.

When I finally did manage to call some of my spirits to me, it was not pretty. They had to rip off these octopus looking things that covered both my eyes, my third eye, my chest and my back. There were these weird salamander/eel/fish things that were attached to my legs.

First thing I learned is that these octopus blobs were creatures that fed on blockages and energy buildups that create issues. So in a way, they are a nice symbiotic type of spirit, but if they are left to their devices for too long, they become a hindrance and too much is taken from you.

So when I finally did open, it was bizarre and I closed off certain aspects such as my sight to see spirits because frankly they were terrifying and gross to look at. Terryifying as in they weirded me out.

I’m thinking of having some of my own spirits help bring some of these spirits back to my own place, since they are much like leeches, they feed and sleep and reproduce. They don’t have a higher thinking. It would be a good thing to have them help in our healing wards/building for Utopia. They would benefit from the energies being fed and taken care of and we would be able to help other spirits and travelers. It’s something I’d have to work out with the local spirits there and see if this is something invasive and permitted by their own society. If the octupus is a pest/overpopulation thing, or something critical to their environment. We would leave them be if there is a critical need for them.

Just my thoughts and reaccounting of while I was in the Dominican Republic.
I wish that there was more to this, I jsut couldn’t get groundd and relaxed to work with spirits. Always busy with the real world and excursions.


Diving Deep Down

The Seacrilis is a race of creatures that I’ve been working with for the past year to develop a contract. I actually came across one randomly for a Custom Calling and they intrigued me. I asked for the spirit to take me to his realm, so that I may work with them more officially. When I got there, it was so beautiful. The scene of their underwater city was like looking at the world where JarJar Binx from Star Wars lived. The glass bubbles and domes, the natural lights, it was all amazing.

I got there and was before the Council before I knew what was happening. They explained that they would be willing to sign a contract with me, if I could get an ally for them. I asked who the ally they were looking for and thankfully, it was one that I was close with. They wanted to work with the Zardivig [Hydras]. I was able to bring my lovely Ari down and she was able to speak for her kind and agreed to work with them. It was very successful.

It was a long time since I could go back, probably at least 6 months in our time. Which means that it has been years. I returned back just recently to find that the place was abandoned and in ruins. I ventured closer and this creature of some kind just sets me on edge. It was like an eel mixed with a slug mixed with tar. Solid black, it felt like it was trying to get to me. Thankfully, one of the older Seacrilis was roaming by and happened to see me He took me to another part of their realm where an even larger version of their city sat.

I was welcomed back and apologized that I had been gone for far too long. They treated me with kindness and understanding. They were pleased to hear that I was still working with them and the Zardivig [Hydra] were still in it as well. I will need to go back to learn more of their culture, because they are known for their water work and being able to create glass from water and sand. I cannot wait to learn more and to explore their realm.

The Journey

I was given the best opprotunity to partake in. I was given a free admission ticket to the Natural Living Expo, in which there were over 130 vendors of the Metaphysical variety. There was the option to do 56 different workshops, and one truly caught my attention. Shamanism. Specifically that not only would there be an introduction to it, but they were going to help guide us into a Shamanic Journey.

I am aware that Journey’s (not Vision Quests), are extremely personal to everyone, especially the conversations, but I tend to be more open about things except those of a sexual nature. I will be posting my experience, including the question, answer, and anything else that occured. There is much symbolism within it, and examining it later would and will be beneficial. Plus, I know that there are some it could benefit too, to see another’s Journey.

We learned that this particular brand of Shamanism originated from a tribe within the Andes Mountains, within the Amazon. We started out with a ‘lecture’ about what Shamanism is, but before he spoke, we conducted a Opening Ritual, where we invoked those of the directions, the earth, and the sun. He spoke about what Shamanism is, how it is today, and things about it. I wrote down all that I heard, plus recorded it.

When it was time to partake in the Journey, he was quite thoroguh with giving us not only directions on how to, but where, and what to say or do. The lights were dimmed and we settled into our spaces. The drums began and I closed my eyes, reveling in their beat. Three different sounds, so beautiful together.

I stood before a cave, one that was dark to me, but I called upon my Guide. I don’t interact with him often, but I knew that he was the one that needed to be with me on this. He is a winged dire wolf, near and dear to my heart. I felt the twin were pups (though grown to be no longer pups) join me. The drums were strong and steadfast and almsot made it difficult to Journey. I walked with them into the cave and it was dark, but not so much that I couldn’t see. I stepped with determination. It was awhile walking through the cave when I began to run, knowing that I did not have much time as it was to actually wander like I do when I Travel.

The were pups faded away the closer I got to the end of it. I surmise that they were not meant to come with me on this part of the Journey.

The darkness faded away to this bright forested area, where I could see over top and the distant mountain ahead. I was not sure how long it would take me to get there, so we set a fast pace through this forest. It was quiet for awhile, until we came across this 5 foot large green snake that had black stripes on the back. Later research is showing that it’s a green tree python that has black spots/stripes. I may draw a picture later on.

This python stopped and when we stopped, it slowly slid toward me and climbed up my left leg. It was not awkward to walk, but the snake perched itself around the entirety of my left leg. We continued to walk without a word, until  large golden and grey feather floated down in front of me. I caught it in midair and then stuck it into my hair. We continued.

When we drew closer to the edge of the foest and base of the mountains, my Guide spoke.
“We are here.”

I walked forward and I remembered that the man who was teaching the Shamanism spoke that we will meet them in three different ways, 1) Sight [Clairvoyance], 2) Sound [Clairaudience], 3) Sensing [Clairsentience]. Thankfully, with my work in both spirit work and Astral Travel, I was able to achieve all three. The Teacher was different, the shape never stayed the same, but the base form was humanistic, though there were aspects of feline to them. I did not wish to be rude and look at them extremely carefully.

“Teacher, I have been sent here as part of a Journey, so that I my experience it and to learn an answer to a question that I have. But I first want to return this to you.”

I gave the teacher the green snake, and then waited for them to respond.

“I thank you for returning him to me. What brings you?”

“I come with a question, Teacher. May I ask you?”

“Ask and I shall answer.”

“I know that I have a soulmate with a physical body and I know who he is. I know that we are supposed to meet. My question is this, are we supposed to meet in this lifetime, if so, then when and how soon? I cannot live much longer without being with him.”

The Teacher was silent for awhile, staring at me and assessing. The energy was really strong and very pointed on examining me.

“Instinct. Trust your instinct. Work hard on Believing. He said he would find you, he will o so. Trust and meet him halfway.”

Extra that I picked up from the conversation, was that the Teacher meant that meeting halfway meant that I was to believe in him.

“May I ask one more?”

The Teacher nodded and I asked, “May I have a gift?”

The Teacher smiled and then reached out, allowing for me to lean down near them. They placed the snake on my left arm which wrapped around and the head rested over my shoulder and on the right shoulder.

“I give you the snake and I also give you the feather.”

I could hear the beat of the drum change, letting us know that we need to come back. The Teacher looked to me and smiled.

“You must return.”

“Thank you.”

A brief nod, “Trust. Go.”

They shoved me and I came back and very jarred from the abruptness of being forced to leave. The person lecturing us walked around once everyone was back t make sure that they were actually there and they were grounded. When doing so, he asked about the gifts. People were talking about all these gifts: Clam with a Pearl, a Pendant, A Feather, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, Piercing the Veil, to name a few. This was when he smiled and said that everyone recieved these gifts, as we all traveled together for this. It was quite fascinating and amazing.

I must go back and speak with the snake to see reason for his appearance, as well as what he has to say or why he was gifted. So many questions. When I came out of it, I could literally feel the wieght of the snke resting in the same place as when I was in the Lower World. I could feel the sentience and the spirit that was there, even the feather within my hair.

Forward to later on, I am walking around the expo and keep getting drawn back to this huge and lovely oval Labradorite. I have not worked with this stone much if at all before. So I walked to the lady and ask her the importance metaphysically. She spoke of it being a way for people to access inter-dimensions, oher worlds, other beings. I decided to look it up on the web and see if I could know more. Low-and-behold, this stone is the stone of Shamans, of those who origianlly found it, the Inuit. I was shocked and amazed, it was a stone that I was looking for, yet never truly knew what it was for.

I purchased it, and it is a gorgeous piece that sits on my altar. I had carried it around for two days, but it had broken when it dropped to the ground. It broke clean, but still I felt devastated. There are plans, and it may come to pass, but I have yet to decide. It would fit perfectly as a ritual necklace.

When I returned home from the Expo, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my Archaeology of Ritual class had me reading about the Andean culture. Somehow, it is not a coincidence, though I dont know what it means.

Crystal Eggs

Jess had been pulled a fair few times to this cave, where it was filled to the brim with crystals. When she went again this time, she learned that they were crystal dragons that hibernated and turn into crystals in that state. She got slammed up against the wall and spiked through the chest. As she is speaking with this dragon, Svet describes them while channeling through Jess. I manage to draw them:

What she figured out was that they were inside a geode, their version of an egg. She was able to be taken outside of the egg and to one of their leaders. The Eldar was an aquamarine that she helped to fend off their terror enemy that preys on their eggs to eat the young. It’s a mix between a  gargoyle and a t-rex.  It had taken out all of the other eggs and it was the last of its kind (the eggs). The Aquamarine dragon laid its head on Jess’ lap and shattered.

It passed away after it told Jess to watch over their kind, to save their race. It gave her a contract to save them however she could. The white one that originally found her returned to the egg since it was not old enough to leave. It was just a small one (maybe the equivalent of like a 4week old fetus), and was the size of an 18-wheeler. The average of their kind is the size of mountains.

I wanted to help in anyway that I could. It did not have to be asked, the Astriferous were already on it to create them a safer and newer realm. I wanted to save the babies that I could, I knew that I had to try and save them. We transported the last egg there where I had designed a space specifically for the eggs, for safety. I jumped back to that realm after Jess had given me the go ahead to go back and forth there.

I went back to my Sacred Space and gathered 7 of the largest objects that I could find. I cannot speak more of them, but to say that they are crucial is imperative. I did a ritual and spilled some of my blood in order to create a better bond and make them stronger to use. When I got back, I had the help over everyone that volunteered to help, to place these babies as close as they could to these objects, where after a certain number was reached, they morphed into a crystal egg. After that, they were transported there for safety and into the spots I had created just for them.

There was a black amethyst one that was in the corner of the realm that was just as large as the previous aquamarine one. He was in the dormant crystal state, but was waking up and mourning the loss of the aquamarine one. When she was exploring while this happened, making sure that the gargoyle/t-rex was nowhere to be found, she runs across another adult, not as large but still decently sized. He was a peridot color, but it was closer to a seagreen color. I take the rest of the eggs and the seagreen one to the new realm, where they settle in nicely.

For now, I check on them regularly to see how the eggs are and to help turn them so each gets the warmth it needs.