Drawing and Learning

The Gemmave aren’t extremely prominent, they linger but they are not as open as the others that are around. So it’s easy for them to be in the background whilst other beings step forward. I’ve learned a bit of them while drawing. This particular image is of the Amethyst, the rarest.. Like my first experience, this is an image of when I first met their kind. This is a picture of them from my personal Grimoire.

The common ones are crows and ravens, all black obsidian and tourmaline. The next up is the bluejays and the cardinals, sapphire and ruby respectively.. the next rare is the emerald ones, usually in the form of a parakeet. The most rare, is the Amethyst Macaw.. about 1:1000+ of the others.


In The Tree Tops

The first time the I met the Gemmave, I was introduced to them by a friend of mine, Aris. She is very much like I am, sensitive and connected with spirits more than some. She can hear and work with them like I do. The Gemmave, or the Crystal Birds, have been around since then. So I would say that they first approached me in Fall 2013. I was still at my college, and I could see them perching on the table next to me. At the time, I could see pretty well and hear them decently. There were two very stern and very wise feeling black birds. they were quite large and had to fight a bit for room on the desk.

A few days later, though I am not sure how long, that was when I started to meditate with them. Granted, at the time, my version of meditating was astral traveling. I appeared in a clearing that looked exactly like the scene from Tarzan, with the birds in the canopy. I saw all different kinds of crystals and stone birds. I stood with my mouth open in such awe. The Black and the White were most common, with green and blue being next. I can remember staring up into the mass that was the birds and thinking of how beautiful it would be to paint such a scene.

A flash of purple filled my vision and I was graced to see that a Gemmave had flown onto a branch that hovered right in front of me. He was beautiful and one of a kind, with his purple amethyst feather glinting in the light. He was the shape and appearance of a Macaw, very large and his tail feathers were splayed out.

There is not much else I can remember, but I do remember that.