The King & I

The past fair few times that I have gone to the Astral, specifically the Rajael’s Realm. Before, about two weeks prior, I had started to get somewhere wiht knowing about the Rajael. When I arrived at their Realm, I was forcibly pushed away by the one who normally greets me. She shoves me back to the portal that I just stepped through, but I happened to get a glimpse of the area. The walls were covered and dripping in blood. The carpet was torn and ripped in places, the glassware and vases were shattered. The Rajael that had greeted me, her dress was torn and she was scraped up pretty badly.

“You must not come here, My Lady. It’s much too dangerous. Go, Now! Don’t come back.”

For the next two weeks, I have been agonizing over what has occured. The realm was in lockdown and I couldn’t even see in let alone walk in. One day, that barrier just vanished and I could walk back. When I arrived, everything I disarray, vases shattered, carpet rolled and torn, and the walls covered in blood. It took a lot of energy, but I used mine to put everything back it its place and to clean the blood away. The original lady that greeted me every time, arrived and was so surprised that I had returned.

“My Lady! You’ve come back! Please, come this way. He has been waiting for your return.”

He? Was my immediate thought. The Rajael are a matriarchal monarchy. There should be no King, or not one in direct Ascension. I continue what I was doing while I followed her, cleaning the halls. She was following behind just slightly, touching the walls reverently. When we arrived at the normal place, she placed a hand on my arm. There was nothing said, but I could tell that she was glad I was back and to wait there.

She disappeared into the room and a little while later, she popped her head back out.

“You can come in now.”

I felt my nerves pitch in height as I stepped into the room. The first that I noticed was that the royal family was all gathered together very closely. It seemed small than it was before but it could be just my thinking. The next I noticed was that the throne was completely empty. My heart clenched when I saw the Queen was not there, I assumed the worst.

One of the Royal children broke away, a smaller girl that I remember playing with occasionally. She ran up to me and slammed into my legs, “Lady! Lady! You’re here! I missed you!”

She was so excited to see me that she pulled me down to sit in front of her. She proceeded to start braiding my hair, drawing a couple of others to help.
“It has been burning me to know, so may I ask?”

“You want to know what happened, yes?” A much older Princess spoke. I turned to her admits protest from the others that were styling my hair.

“If you would be kind, please.”

She took a moment before nodding. She explained that one day they woke up and it was a normal day, but things changed. An attack came from nowhere and was trying to infiltrate the castle. The guards were dying and the royal family went into hiding except for the Queen and some others. She had to be the one to Call for the Guard, a specialized war troop. It took them days to get to the castle, in which the Queen had already been hit with an assassination attempt. She landed in a stabilized coma.

The older one moved onto speaking about the Royal Guard, the one that came from far away to protect the castle. They had been out defending their area and helping allies, when this came out of no where.

“The First has come back. We are so happy to see him and spend time with him again. It’s been too long.”

“The First?” I asked, I wondered if it was the Him that the other had mentioned.

“Yes,” they were all smiles and happiness. “He is the First one to be born, he is the oldest and strongest of all of us. He is the leader (used a different word) of the Royal Guard. He trains everyone personally.”

“I would hope that I was strong.”

The voice echoed behind us, where the dias was. Thankfully, whatever they were doing with my hair was finished, because I turned around. I’ve joked before with some that my Mates all tend to be royals or leaders, and what did I do in my past life to deserve such good mates. The moment that I turned around and locked eyes with him, my heart dropped and everything stopped around me. The last time I experienced this was with another of my mates. The breath wooshed out of me as his body language changed. He stalked forward and grabbed me up. The look in his eyes, it was telling that he would do anything for me should I ask.

I knew that Merkior and Corv had followed me, knowing that it was a civil war and could be dangerous. So while I was staring at this new male, one that I could feel that click, they were standing about the room. I do not remember quite what happened, but the next thing I do remember, was that the older female had guided me out of the room. The last I saw was the three of them (Merkior and Corv, the new one) all chatting About war and tactics.

The older daughter walked with me through the castle as I helped tidy it up back to its original condition. It took awhile, but eventually we were able to get to a point where we could comfortably talk.

“Can I ask a question?” I was really wanting to know about the Queen.

“Go ahead, I’ll try my best.”

“What happened to the Queen? I have not seen her or heard about her. I have been concerned.”

There was a male voice behind that startled me. It was him, the one that I felt the click with.

“I will answer that, please let us be for the moment.”

The older female bowed her head slightly and sauntered back the way we had come from. I could see that Merkior was the one to follow him this time instead of Corv. He was following behind slightly, to give us space. This is when I found out that the Queen had been stabbed and was barely stable. She was still bleeding heavily. I demanded him to take me to her so that I could heal her. At least I could aid in some way.

When we got to the room, Merkior stayed outside of the room. The queen was in a horrible state. She was pale and barely breathing. It took awhile, but she eventually was moving and talking.

“Thank you, Lady.”

“Of course. Oh, I don’t think that you will need to have the betrothal contract anymore.” I glanced over at him and smiled. The look on her was was bright and thrilled. He has the decency to flush a bit. It was adorable. But anyway, she had stood up and was naked, but still very pleased about the situation. Merkior had come in and was asking a question, he Turned away when the queen revealed her body. She laughed and put on a dressing gown and shooed us away.

When we walked back into the hall that leads to the grand hallway. The next I know, I am picked up and slammed against the stone wall. Merkior watches as the First leans in close to me. He has me pinned to the wall.

“Has she tried to do a contract before?”

I nod, unsure of what to make of the situation other than to feel the heat of him against me. He leaned forward a bit and stared at me, thinking for a moment.

“Anything you want. You can have it all. Contracts, anything. The throne will be yours.  Just so long as you marry me.”

My eyes were wide at this point and I could see Merkior writing this down on parchment that  I could not fathom where he produced it from.

“Woah, no throne. I am not ready for that and I do not wish to take that responsibility when I am not permanently on the astral.”

“Yours, anything. Just marry me, be my mate.”

I nodded my head, not knowing exactly what to say other than to agree. I would need to spend more time with him, but this is not the first time that I have been proposed to for a betrothal contract. Merkior handed him the parchment and he signed it, not bothering with the wording or anything. Which was unusual considering his placement in the Royal Guard, he would have been more keen on reading it. Perhaps he did, I could not say for sure. Merkior stowed it away, though made two copies, one for the First.

After that brief intersession, we worked our way back to the Throne room, I am assuming. Corv was still standing in the door and the others were milling about. Merkior slid next to Corv and handed him one of the documents with a smirk. I knew that they were pleased in the least. I stopped the First from going further.

“I need to head back, it’s been a long time.”

He nodded and pulled me close, though didn’t do anything but that.

“Come back to me.”

“I will when I can.”

The three of us left and I found myself still quite uncomprehending of everything, but this time, I got the contract and maybe a bit more from it.



Long Awaited


It’s been a long time since i have gone into the world of the Rajael, especially since it was when I first came into connect with them. Now though, it seems like i am being pulled to them more and more at times. Its wore when I am feeling particularly down and they feel I need to feel sensual and beautiful.

Going into the Astral, this is how I experience it.

the tunnel is dark as I walk though it, it’s always dark and it is always like a cave. I wonder if this is how I transition into the Astral, through a cave instead of like a doorway. I can feel the pull to them, it’s sensual just like their energy. If I would have to say, it is a more subtle version that the Seductors put off. The world turns a bit as things become clear and I appear int a room. The place is made of marble and its a mix of light and dark red colors. It’s smooth and cold underneath my feet, which are bare but bear beautiful slave anklets with toe rings. It’s a delicate silver chain that is outfitted with beautiful crystals that shine. I can feel the energy radiating off of them and I wonder if this is their version of crystals the can channel their energies. I’ll think on it another time.

I hear a tinkling of light bells, those attached to someone walking closer. My own clothing is quite light and airy, made of chiffon and I am sure that there is a lot of skin showing. I know that my top half is bear except for delicate chains overlapping into an elaborate chest piece and necklace. It barely covers the top of my exposed chest. I can feel the head ornament dip to the front of my third eyes and back into my hair, the same with chains attaching to my septum of my nose. I retain my nose piercing. I would expect to shiver in the state of undress, but I feel oddly comfortable.

“My Lady Ralkjin, please join us. You have been long awaited by Queen’s name Rajkallevra. Her Ravj awaits your arrival.”

She is very beautiful, outfitted in clothes that are more covering than mine, which means that she is a servant. her black hair swishes across her butt as she walks away, a graceful glide. Her wings are not apparent, but I can see where the scars on her back lay. I know that they can retract them as they please. Following the tinkling of the white clad servant girl, I go into a much smaller room filled with incense. The floor turns into a deep black marble and silken pillows fill the room. It was scattered, but I could see the bright colors of the Princesses and the Princes. There was no King at the present. The ages between the royal family varied from very young to well past adulthood. For the side of grace, I made sure to keep my eyes ahead and focused on the woman that sat in the largest and most elegant pillow seatee. It did not escape my notice that the males very extremely attractive, as were the females. While they were not of the sexual type, it was hard to escape those feelings of interest seeing half naked or mostly naked people standing around.

The Rajkallevra was gracious in welcoming me. She stood up and I gave her a short bow to show my respect. She wore almost no clothing of her own, instead where the chain adornment on my chest lay, were crystals embedded into her skin. It was extraordinary and beautiful all at once.

“Welcome Lady Ralkjin. It has been long since we have first contacted you.”

I bow my head. “It has been long, for that I apologize for the wait. It has been quite some year for me in the Human Realm.”

She smiled with a beautiful and kind gesture. “It is no worry, you are here now, and quite impressively, still aware of your own human body. I am impressed that you are taking down your experiences like how you are. Please feel free to speak of anything, so long as there are no names mentioned. It is thrilling to know that so many will picture our realm in such beautiful detail.”

The Rajkallevra bowed her head and motioned for the others around, “Come and enjoy your time here and experience our people. When you return back later on, I shall five you a tour of the city,”

There is shuffling as I am guided over to a large pillow where the Rajkallevra can still keep an eye on me. The closest Princes swarm over with the Princesses following. Some hang back, though I notice that it is the ones that are younger that approach me. I smile and indulged them in so many questions. Like how I am both here and there at the same time. What the world i come from is like, do we have others that look the same, why I wear so many clothes that cover my body when I am a station too high for such covering. it foes on and on, and the longer I speak with them, the more th older ones relax. Some start to join in with me and ask questions too.

Before too long, I must leave but I do not wish too. It is nice and it is comforting. I am welcome there, and they treat me very kindly.As i sit here with them, basking in their presence, I can feel them weaving my hair, which is longer than most of theirs. The younger girls  are enjoying weaving things into them. I manage to get a look and see that there are a variety of colored crystal beads. They seem to be very proud as I gaze at it. There is a red one, a ruby. It stands for the blood that I have spilt as a warrior. There is a white one that signifies that I am a Healer. There are a few others and placings that they ramble over. One that catches my attention is an arrangement of silver and gold. Some of the other males smirk and were pleased to explain.

The arrangement in my hair of silver and gold meant that while I am taken, I am not unavailable. It stands for the arrangement that I am mated to many but open for others if I should so please. I turned red at that and tried to look away from some of the more handsome ones. The queen took my embarrassment asa chance to wave me closer. I stood and joined her, wanting to know what she wished to speak of. She pulled me down to her level and whispered in my ear. If I wasn’t red before, I am now. She spoke of the same contract that I have with the Volunierk. Flushing, she knew that I had been given enough to work with. With a kiss on the cheek, she bade me farewell.

The same servant girl approached and took my hand. Guiding me back to the spot that I originally appeared. she bowed and wished me a safe journey back.

Note: This was the first time that I was awake and aware of what was happening on both sides, enough so that I could record what I saw. It is still rough and something that I may very well practice more.