The Weird Sight

I was returning with the girlfriend on a night up to the natural spring. First off, bad idea to get there when it was dark and the fog was so thick you could only see so far in front of you.

When we came back from that, it was when my sight kicked in. Normally it happens stronger when it is night outside. We are driving through this back roads when I see things from the corner of the eye. Black shapes, creatures, many things were following alongside the car. Word of advice, never look. One instance was this floating light where there was no house and no cars. In the middle of the field.

Well I couldn’t help but See when this huge hulking, towering figure literally steps over the road. It’s like a huge black solid mass that just steps casually. Imagine like the huge trolls in the newest Jack the Giant Slayer movie.. just thin and really tall. I could gather that it was at least a hundred feet tall.

After that, I closed my eyes and laid back, because the last thing I needed to see what something that intended harm.