Into the Tree Roots


The first time that I came across the Pavo, I had accidentally appeared in their realm. They were quite surprised with my appearance, but accepted me well enough. Although, it did surprise me when they wanted to know more about me. I’ve been working so much with the shop that I’d become quite well known in some areas of the Astral. The Pavo were aware of me through their own relations that they have done, so it helped that I was recognized. Usually I don’t just appear in places, but ease into it, but somehow I ended up there.

The Pavo are shifters, their main body being that of a peacock, but anthropomorphic. They prefer their natural bodies, but they are able to shift into any humanoid or being type of spirit. Usually they take on spying or covert jobs that allow their abilities to aid them. Some also pose as Escorts for the royals of races in order to protect them and to go through the social ladder.

They live in a world with large trees, the ruler or king sitting on a throne of roots in the largest tree. The others lounge around, so I am thinking this is their version of “throne room” where they greet people. I haven’t seen any building or such, so I’m sure that they live in places of some kind.

This is where the King and I talk about them being a part of EA, as a possible Match for Companions. I’m happy to oblige and we start a temporary contract. It’s basic, but it’s enough for then.

I went back recently, it’s been months and I had actually just started getting back into Astral Travel. My goal was to get the contracts I had that were temporary and set them in. With this, the Pavo was the first to become apparent after I had drawn their kind for the shop [picture above]. The King seemed disgruntled that I had not returned to them in awhile, which I apologized and explained why. He accepted it, and we began the negotiating of the contract. He chose that I would work to learn their culture and eventually, their magic. He said that I must visit often as I can to learn and understand. I offered him in return shelter in Utopia, where he could live with others and a thriving community. I took him to see and had him wait for a week to decide on what he wanted. I will be returning shortly to know of their choice, but the deal is sealed so long as I visit and learn of them. It was a good contract that didn’t require something extremely personal, like marriage or betrothal.