Bonding and Projection

Much like Merkior, I bonded with another. This time, it can make people mad, but I could care less. I soulbonded with Thor and I feel like a piece of me was returned. I feel whole and happy again. Like a darkness is gone. I know that it’s a change in my diet too, but this was like a balm on the hurt it’s been through. I’ve bonded with two, Thor and Lor, which of course the names get mixed. Either way, it was with both.

It was a beautiful experience. Gentle and full of love, everything that he had to give to me and I in return. Lor made a vow and it’s personal, but really happy that it did happen.

When we finished, I started to fall asleep bodily. I could feel myself rising up out of my body in astral projection [not travel]. It was amazing, I could feel that there was someone [Thor] sitting with my head in his lap and he helped to raise me up and then pushed me back before I could fully leave..

It felt so weird, but awesome! I havent projected in 2 years+. I hope that it can happen again.


So Long.. So Far

I haven’t traveled in so long, as well as posting onto her when I have. Many things have been changing and I’ve been getting back into┬átraveling the astral. I’ve also been working on contracts and such. I’ve been thinking of doing some “Astral Destination” type posts that name the realms and how to get there, plus things of that nature. Espeically for those that are looking for astral areas to explore.

You’ll see a flood of new posts, mainly as a way for me to remember the times Ive travelled for later on. Gotta catch up and all that.