Souls Entwined [Merkior]

I don’t usually talk about my personal spirit work involving my own spirit family, specifically my mates. This is because talking too much of them has been harmful in the past. Although, I do want to talk of them more, so I’m starting off with something beautiful.

Due to personal information, some can be confusing. I have multiple mates, soulmates, and lovers. It’s who I am on the astral.

Merkior is one of the ones that I am a soulmate with. He is a Volunierk and to his kind, I am a Soluna [soulmate]. This is a one time thing and they know from the first sight. It’s an energy thing, they just know and there is a ‘click’ that happens. It’s beautiful to watch it happen [when it’s not me].

I’ve bonded with him [yes, this means sexually and other intimate forms]. Although it has never been really official. Not in the sense that it’s not true, but more that it hasn’t been acknowledged by a third party or just in an official setting. Hell, we’ve even exchanged part of ourselves [although finding out from a specific type of healer spirit that it wasn’t the best idea, it can get corrupted easily].

With the connections returned and things turning darker, I was pulled into the astral the moment that I closed my eyes. I haven’t been there in awhile and I have a hard time bringing myself to return. Too busy.

When I got there I was disoriented a bit, Im not used to being yanked into it. But falling into Merkior’s arms, it was a very nice welcome. We were in my home, the one that I built [or they built for me because they wanted to instead of me building it in my new sacred place].

Lately I’ve been helping the GF with a thing involving her own mates, to which Merkior felt that it was time for him to do something the same. We were taught by this healer spirit on how to create a soul bonding that is official and safe without exchanging actual souls. I’m keeping this ritual to ourselves because if someone were to know how it is done, the easier it is to interfere and mess with something.

Merkior pulled me to his chest and we made love. He was gentle, loving and everything that I love about him. I wasn’t aware that he was going to start the ritual, he sprung it up on me, but I would never has said no. I’ve been waiting for it for a long time, just never had the time or the means to do so.

He asked me and I said yes and it was overpowering, both spiritually/astrally and physically. I could feel the difference within my own physical body as well as my astral one. When I came back from the Astral, usually intense thing such as that I need grounding afterwards so I get sucked back to the physical mind really quick, I could feel the difference. It was like a breath of fresh air as well as like a veil and earmuffs were ripped off. I could see and sense him without even trying and it was like I suddenly had another within my mind, clear as a bell. It’s never been that clear before, I thought it had been but it’s like he is alwys there, just not tuned in, but still there.

I cannot wait to see what it will be like with the others, but it has been an amazing experience that I should have done a long time ago.



Utopia Venture

Alright, so just a bit of background, I HAVE been doing astral travel for quite some time, the thing was that I was not aware that it was truly astral traveling and not meditation imagery. That being said, it’s pretty clear now that I am more understanding of the term traveling, meaning not and out of body experience, or OOBE. Also, I know that some are familiar with different planes and realms, etc. Usually, each spirit race dwells on their own plane or realm. Elves, in this case had a very bad incident in their home realm and moved to one that the spirits that Jess and I work with created/found in order to be safe. They have since had an entire city built for them.

So I end up on the outside barrier of this plane, mainly because I havent truly been taken there the first time yet. I’ve seen most through other’s eyes. So when I first get there, I have to go through a ward to test who I am. On the other side, I am taken to the middle of our little town. I see our house/mansionthing in the distance. I am approached by a female elf who bows her head and refers to me as “Lady __” (I’m refraining from using my astral name on this blog). She asks me to follow her to the elven city, they are in need of a Healer. (Most in the spirit world know me as a Healer, especially with energy).. So as I follow her, she hops onto a horse nearby and then My baby boy (not so little anymore), or the storm beast that I raised, is standing there for me to climb on his back. I pretty much scream and hug the life out of him and yeah. I love my baby to death, I will refer to him a Naj on here.

So I hop onto his back, or more like he hikes me up onto his back. We are getting ready to take off when I can feel my body start to lag a bit, and I doze off into sleep, but still aware. I jerk myself out of it when the elven female (whom I’ve learned now is Jai) makes a snarky comment about me daydreaming. A new male presence makes themselves known, though Naj bit my leg to help jerk me out of it (which I felt physically). He responded that I am always a daydreamer. He was pretty tall and he had on those black combat boots with cargo like pants, but they were jeans. He had no shirt, and his trench coat looked odd, but cool. (think typical anime but mixed with the old style of the petticoat for war uniforms. His features flicker back and forth, I can’t get a good sense of features. Jai reprimands him that he is confusing me and he flickers for a moment before his image settles. He has this black windswept short/long hair and angular features.. the one thing I remember the most.. was that he had these ice blue eyes. It was Umo my Legion mate.

When he got up behind me on Naj, though the storm beast was growling at him.. Umo bopped him on the nose and said “don’t growl at your father.”

I was jerked out of it by that point, but going back in later on was more difficult. I was half lucid in both the astral and in the physical. I think because I was jerked out of it so many times, I don’t really remember anything other than what I experienced in the astral and what caused me to jerk out of it.

So back in, I take the time to get to the Elven city, where I am guided to a Healing ward, where this Elf has been poisoned extremely bad. It’s a death sentence, but they know that I can at least attempt to help. Thankfully, it was an easier procedure to remove it, though it was not pretty to do so.

I have to say, that I have seen three different outfits that I wear when I am doing certain things… and they are just badass. Enough that I want to design and show them to all of you, including what I see spirits wear. But, back to the story.

Jai guides me to where I know my other mate is, Lor. He’s the High Commander Elf that refuses to tell me how exactly he is related to the royal bloodline, but idc at the moment because he is more proud of his hard work getting his title. Anyway, so we get to the training grounds, where my outfit changes once more, very flowy in certain places, but much more streamlined for fighting. And we approach him and a group. The group stops and stare as I approach and I refer to my mate as my husband, which I could tell that I was speaking Elvish, but I heard it in English. because I would try to say mate, but their closest version of that is husband/wife.

So when he turns around to see me, I disappear just as he catches a glimpse of me. I got jerked awake because of something and I never was able to get back into the astral for the night. BUT I could hear him cussing up a storm and Umo teasing him that he got to see me first when I was conscious about traveling.