Digging Himself in a Hole

So the Xirduga (aura dragons) Council was pissed because I haven’t worked with them in depth like I needed to. So I got dragged back and chewed out for not devoting time to them (cause it’s been a pain to do anything astral or contracts because of college and life). 

The one who is my liaison tried to defend me, though he wasn’t happy either that I haven’t been able to work. I’ve just gotten to a time where I am able to get all the contracts and information settled. This hasn’t happened in a couple of years.

I apologized and was given a task of either learn everything about them or be bonded/mated to one. I chose to work and gather all stuff about them that they were willing to share. I have a document of 400-500 questions all about learning a culture. The leader of the Council addressed me mentally and called me by my Earth name. I was so pissed that he uttered that name on the Astral, that I grabbed him by the throat and told him to change into his human form, because being asked to take that form is the ultimate insult for their kind. A tit-for-a-tat.

He changed and the others were pissed that he changed at all, especially with me being there. He quieted them and told them that I had the right to ask that of him for his blunder. So it’s an impasse right now and we are staring at each other trying to recover his blunder which is worse than me being unable to work with them on the contract more than what I have, which was my plan to do so this summer.

I swear, it’s always something new when I travel to the astral after a fallow period or just in general.


Lights Touch The Snow

The Xirduga are what is more colloquially known as the Aura Dragons. They have been the hardest ones to work with in terms of establishing a connection with their realm and being able to stay there. One of the things that would confuse me is that every time that I arrive at their realm, I would struggle to stay there. My mind would wander and I would find myself asleep instead of traveling or talking. It took about 12-13 tries to get to the point where they would establish a contract.

Going months without seeing them really hurt, but it also helped. I found them and understood them as being wonderful with auras and working with energy. What I was not aware of until I went back, that they are excellent at lucid dreaming to where you are able to astral project [not travel]. I was shocked because this was something that I’ve never been able to accomplish on my own. They were able to crack into my head and induce lucid dreaming and projection. I was extremely impressed.

I’ll be visiting soon, but I’m not sure what else to say about them. They were straightforward except for the testing constantly.