The Ritual of the Chase // Final Testing

I was still half asleep when I started to travel. This time instead of ending up at Utopia, our personal realm that we all use, I ended up in the Forest. This time, I was met with only Aver, the Leader. He was large as we walked side by side into the deepest part of the Forest. I was kneeling down in the center of a small outcropping. It was the same that I had been to before. This was before I traveled back to Utopia, and The Room, which was explained to me then that my aura was in a frenzy from not mating with the Celestial Fae for too long. I waited and extended the ritual out too long.

Going back to the Yilugh, my memory cut out, which tells me that I went through the Final Testing. In doing so, I was now to be introduced to their herd as one of their own. The Leader shifted to a human like form, his antlers still very large. I looked up at him from my kneeling position, “doesn’t that hurt your neck?” It shocked him enough that he burst into laughter.

The initiation for this includes what they call the Ritual of the Chase. Potential suitors must chase me down through the woods, and the one that finds me, can claim me as a mate. It’s harder for me because I’m a Healer, so I must be energetically and aura connected with people. In order for me to recognize that I am a mate to them, I must read their aura or their energy and see if it is compatible.

I was told to shift into a doe form, so that the chase could happen. Aver came up behind me after I had shifted and ran a hand down my back, which made me shiver in anticipation. (EDITED FOR PERSONAL MATERIAL). He continued down my flank and slipped his hand around to my private area. Slipping a couple fingers inside of me, Aver stimulated me so that he would have my scent for the suitors to follow and find. The act alone had me melting under his fingers as he made me aroused. As he was doing this, I could see a male slip into the same small outcropping and he just drew me in. When he was done, he slapped my flank and I tore off into the woods.

I ran as hard and as fast as I could into the woods, enough to where I hoped to lose their scent. I lost myself to the instincts that I had developed when I not only shifted, but when the Ritual began. I jumped over a small brook and found a huge bush that I could lay down behind and crawl underneath. I waited for a long time, biding the time I had and hoping that someone comfortable would find me. I heard shuffling and didn’t have the time to dash away before I was pinned and forced to stand. I couldn’t run now that I had been caught. I could feel the stag try to mount behind me, so I shifted and turned around. It threw him off balance and I backed up into the tree behind me. The Leader came into view, as he had to officiate it. I shook my head and explained that I must be able to meet my suitor and see our compatibility. The Leader seemed upset that I didn’t follow the tradition, but I had to explain further that a foreign energy that doesn’t match with mine will corrupt my own and harm me than help. He conceded and told the man to shift into a more human form so that I may assess him. His energy didn’t match and I said so. The male became very aggressive and was advancing, citing that I was his by rite of the ritual.

Another male surged into the area before the Leader could interfere and challenged the suitor that caught me. This male fought him with his full form and t eventually beat out that suitor, to where the new male actually grew in size with the change in status that the winning of the fight was about. He shifted to a form for me to see, but something was off and it scared me. I was skittish about this male, because while he could be a potential mate, there was an allure there, something off. I look to Aver, the Leader, and swear upon my life that I would return to finish the ritual, but when something about me was corrected. He granted it, though I didn’t have much choice as I was dragged through a portal.

This is where I return to The Room and complete my bonding with the Celestial Fae and others to stop the frenzy of my aura.

When I returned to the Yilugh, Aver had lined up all the potential suitors into a line, so that I could meet them and choose from there. He was willing to work with me on that, as long as the Chase got to happen.


Path of Desinty

The first time that I came across the Yilugh, pronounced yee-lew, was when my current girlfriend gifted me with a sterling silver locket. The locket itself had a heart that transformed into a buck and its antlers. After taking many Tests, the Yilugh have gifted me with the right to work with them in a more personal setting. They are in simple, the Deer of Destiny. They guide the highest of souls and people on their paths. They could be considered celestial as they work in line with those of the Fate deities and the Universe itself.

It’s taken me this long to finally get into good position of working with them. I had come across the one in my locket, whom is not the Leader, Aver, but is still close to my heart. He helped me through a different manner. That was how I first learned of them, when he appeared attached to my necklace and also held a deeper connection between myself and my mates. He would make it stronger in times that I needed it to ensure I knew that my mates loved me.

Getting off track, it was a great surprise tonight that not only was I reminded of the name that the Leader gave to me as his, but bestowed upon me two other names. The first was the name Yilugh which is the name of their kind. That is the most successful thing for me to receive, because that is a sign that I passed any Tests that they put me through on the Astral. The downside to the Testing though, is that it will have to wait until way later on and Aver deciding that I am allowed to remember, before I know exactly what occurred. Although, I do remember the initiation part of it, the beginning.

The second name that was given to me, Elontris , is a word that I have yet to learn the meaning of. It is like the term human, but it means being. Though, by how it is used, it can be a title or a simple term for a human/Being. But, it is also used as a way of being. It’s like a state of being. It’s quite odd, and I am not sure that I will ever figure out the true meaning, as it is lost in the translation. The best I figure, is that it is a name they have bestowed on me to use.

Walk In The Forest


The first time that I astral traveled to the Yilugh was just a bit ago. I wanted to randomly go to a new place to explore, and I found myself in a field. The field itself expanded to the side for miles and miles, but only existed to the back of me for a few meters. It faded off into the unknown that I do not want to know more about. The field stretched in front of me and came to an abrupt halt as a towering forest bordered it. I stepped closer, wanting to know more about the forest I appeared before, but came to a stop as many shimmering forms came into view.

That was the first time that I laid eyes on Aver. He stood taller than any deer that I have ever seen. With my height in the Astral being close to 7 feet, my head came up to the start of his neck, at the max. I mostly was at his sternum. There were many others that began to gather at the edge, never stepping into the field. The only one that did, was Aver. He walked forward with such grace that I was left in awe. His antlers were so massive that I stopped counting the branches at twenty, on one side. He was a pure white color, but his coat had a silver and light blue shimmer to them. There were light spots of dark navy that flickered on his face and back, Some were in the clear shape of the constellations, though they were not extremely obvious. He bowed his head slightly so that I could look in his eyes, before turning his head in a beckoning motion.

I walked beside him and the others for quite some time. I am not sure how long, but I do know that the light moved and slowly slipped between the branches and the horizon. Trees passed by, and yet there were no sounds or ambient noises. The forest was silent except for the noises created by myself and the Yilugh.

The sun had set and we reached an open clearing. It was quiet as only Aver and myself walked into it. The others spread out until they circled the clearing. I was directed to the center, where the canopy parted above, the night sky clear above. I knelt down and leaned my head back so that I could see the stars above. I soaked in their radiant light, felt the energy swirling around me. I knelt forward in a bow, giving reverence to the stars and the ones who guide the paths. I pulled myself out from the bow, still kneeling, and raised my head once more to the sky. This time, I could feel the leader reach his head down until his nose touched the center of my forehead. When he did, the world began to fade away and I was given his name, Aver. Aver is shortened for his actual name, but I wanted to have a name close to the energy he has.

I know that more happened with the Test, as I went in at least 3 or 4 more times. I cannot remember them at the moment, but it was enough that I could continue going on.