Digging Himself in a Hole

So the Xirduga (aura dragons) Council was pissed because I haven’t worked with them in depth like I needed to. So I got dragged back and chewed out for not devoting time to them (cause it’s been a pain to do anything astral or contracts because of college and life). 

The one who is my liaison tried to defend me, though he wasn’t happy either that I haven’t been able to work. I’ve just gotten to a time where I am able to get all the contracts and information settled. This hasn’t happened in a couple of years.

I apologized and was given a task of either learn everything about them or be bonded/mated to one. I chose to work and gather all stuff about them that they were willing to share. I have a document of 400-500 questions all about learning a culture. The leader of the Council addressed me mentally and called me by my Earth name. I was so pissed that he uttered that name on the Astral, that I grabbed him by the throat and told him to change into his human form, because being asked to take that form is the ultimate insult for their kind. A tit-for-a-tat.

He changed and the others were pissed that he changed at all, especially with me being there. He quieted them and told them that I had the right to ask that of him for his blunder. So it’s an impasse right now and we are staring at each other trying to recover his blunder which is worse than me being unable to work with them on the contract more than what I have, which was my plan to do so this summer.

I swear, it’s always something new when I travel to the astral after a fallow period or just in general.


Cleansing Reset Ritual

A friend of mine gave me a ritual that helps to cleanse and reset oneself. I’ve done it once before, but haven’t since. I felt that since I partook in the Leanel Harvest, I figured that it would be wise to do so, especially now that the full moon 3 day cycle just finished. Perfect timing.

It went pretty well and I feel better, like a load has been takn off.

Leanel [Spring Harvest] Returns

That time of the year has come around again, where the Spring Harvest is apparent. My Goddess has not been around, but I’ve learned that the Spring Harvest is in part for the crops, but also for Her Awakening. It’s to signal that she is ready to return from the Winter’s Cold.

Returning back was like being welcomed as an old friend who came home from a long time away. It has been the longest and hardest of the months, but it will smooth out. The coming of the crops for them is bountiful, but She returns with something different for me. Crops are the way of life for the Kolemaia, and [unfortunately] money is the way of life in our physical world.

I walked into the colony where the Kolemaia had settled permanently. Haek greeted me and this time was much different. Instead of staying with him and his wife, I helped with the fields and the ritual fastings. During the time off, the community pitched in and gave me the honor of creating a small hut for my use when I stay. They made it much more lavish that I asked them to, but they insisted, as it is repayment for my kindness all these years [still]. By the 7th day, my hut was complete and now the next five days are spent helping them plant and sow the fields. There is twice as much as the previous year, mainly because they are helping to support their community and the ones that take part in our world.

The fasting serves two parts, one to prepare the body and ready it for the ritual and the other is to cleanse it. Each day, you must go through a cleansing ritual [bathing].

I’ve reached the twelfth day, where they have gifted me the blessing of receiving my next two sets of piercings. Two are on the neck, one each side. The next set is on the corners of the shoulders, where the arm joins with the torso, right above there. It was painful, but it was worth it. They aren’t the rings like the others have, since Im not able to wear the chains like that, my skin is too fragile. Although, I still have the breast piercings and the chains for that. I wore them for this season, glad to have never taken them off. It’s comforting, like I can return home to them and know that I belong, no judgement, just love.

Afterwards, I volunteered to begin the women’s ritual, starting the Awakening of Her.

“Great Goddess Kurai’iana, Bearer of the Kïlranï Plant. You bring about the change of the plants, green and growing. You bring about the crops and the plentiful harvest. May your Blessing bring about the bounty of our People and our land, so that we may serve you and those we feed. May your Blessings be heart and soul, for all the new times have bloomed. Come Awaken, Great Maiden, join us in the dance of the sow and plow. Dance with us in the falling of the pods and the sprouting of the seeds. Dance with us between the green growth and thrive with the Nectar of our People. We give ourselves for this Blessing so that we may prosper during this season and those of the next.”

Each woman went after that and completed the ritual, leaving me for last once more, where I complete my portion of it. This closed the ritual and we joined back at the main statue of Her.

When the community joined together, we began the final ritual, where Haek and his wife spoke as one.

I’ve learned two new epithets: Bountiful Beauty and Bringer of Change.

I have not met the Kolemaia standing in front of me, but the Dance of Life that we partake in is natural and feels as if I’ve done it every day of my life. After we perform the first part, we begin again. The energy has awoken and I can feel it pulsing. When we reach a certain point, another couple begins the same Dance, then another after them. We we reach a point, the females (including me) are thrown to the air where the rituals energy bursts. It’s much like having an orgasm and your energy pitching and building up. When I land in his arms, we move back as the Goddess appears.

“Brightest Blessings to my People. Bountiful Blessings to the crops in which you sowed. Change has come and the green sprouts again, the Nectar flowing of golden honey. The Dance of Life, Livening the Harvest. You have brought about your love and your work to bring to me the Life. You may receive the Bountifuo Blessings, for you may receive back all the you have worked for since the Harvest ended. Your work shall be rewarded and your crops shall yield the plentiful of the bounty. Come Dance with Life, bring about the Change. My Blessing encompass you all. Go forth into this Harvest with the biggest of dreams and they shall be fulfilled. So have I spoken, So have I said, and so it shall be.”

I cannot stay long as I am still working through things and have to do real life, but it was a welcome kindness to be able to participate in one where I do not need healed, but can begin a new ritual as they have always done.

The Weird Sight

I was returning with the girlfriend on a night up to the natural spring. First off, bad idea to get there when it was dark and the fog was so thick you could only see so far in front of you.

When we came back from that, it was when my sight kicked in. Normally it happens stronger when it is night outside. We are driving through this back roads when I see things from the corner of the eye. Black shapes, creatures, many things were following alongside the car. Word of advice, never look. One instance was this floating light where there was no house and no cars. In the middle of the field.

Well I couldn’t help but See when this huge hulking, towering figure literally steps over the road. It’s like a huge black solid mass that just steps casually. Imagine like the huge trolls in the newest Jack the Giant Slayer movie.. just thin and really tall. I could gather that it was at least a hundred feet tall.

After that, I closed my eyes and laid back, because the last thing I needed to see what something that intended harm.

Bonding and Projection

Much like Merkior, I bonded with another. This time, it can make people mad, but I could care less. I soulbonded with Thor and I feel like a piece of me was returned. I feel whole and happy again. Like a darkness is gone. I know that it’s a change in my diet too, but this was like a balm on the hurt it’s been through. I’ve bonded with two, Thor and Lor, which of course the names get mixed. Either way, it was with both.

It was a beautiful experience. Gentle and full of love, everything that he had to give to me and I in return. Lor made a vow and it’s personal, but really happy that it did happen.

When we finished, I started to fall asleep bodily. I could feel myself rising up out of my body in astral projection [not travel]. It was amazing, I could feel that there was someone [Thor] sitting with my head in his lap and he helped to raise me up and then pushed me back before I could fully leave..

It felt so weird, but awesome! I havent projected in 2 years+. I hope that it can happen again.

Out of Body Experience

It was bizarre. It came about after bonding time with one of my mates. I felt the normal lift of the OOBE, which is very rare for me. I Travel instead of Project, since the former is twice as easy. The next thing I know, I can feel my head laying in the lap of a mate and I lift up out of my body before I’m pushed back down. I wish it could happen more, but it was exciting to know that I can do it. Even if it’s by accident.

Souls Entwined [Merkior]

I don’t usually talk about my personal spirit work involving my own spirit family, specifically my mates. This is because talking too much of them has been harmful in the past. Although, I do want to talk of them more, so I’m starting off with something beautiful.

Due to personal information, some can be confusing. I have multiple mates, soulmates, and lovers. It’s who I am on the astral.

Merkior is one of the ones that I am a soulmate with. He is a Volunierk and to his kind, I am a Soluna [soulmate]. This is a one time thing and they know from the first sight. It’s an energy thing, they just know and there is a ‘click’ that happens. It’s beautiful to watch it happen [when it’s not me].

I’ve bonded with him [yes, this means sexually and other intimate forms]. Although it has never been really official. Not in the sense that it’s not true, but more that it hasn’t been acknowledged by a third party or just in an official setting. Hell, we’ve even exchanged part of ourselves [although finding out from a specific type of healer spirit that it wasn’t the best idea, it can get corrupted easily].

With the connections returned and things turning darker, I was pulled into the astral the moment that I closed my eyes. I haven’t been there in awhile and I have a hard time bringing myself to return. Too busy.

When I got there I was disoriented a bit, Im not used to being yanked into it. But falling into Merkior’s arms, it was a very nice welcome. We were in my home, the one that I built [or they built for me because they wanted to instead of me building it in my new sacred place].

Lately I’ve been helping the GF with a thing involving her own mates, to which Merkior felt that it was time for him to do something the same. We were taught by this healer spirit on how to create a soul bonding that is official and safe without exchanging actual souls. I’m keeping this ritual to ourselves because if someone were to know how it is done, the easier it is to interfere and mess with something.

Merkior pulled me to his chest and we made love. He was gentle, loving and everything that I love about him. I wasn’t aware that he was going to start the ritual, he sprung it up on me, but I would never has said no. I’ve been waiting for it for a long time, just never had the time or the means to do so.

He asked me and I said yes and it was overpowering, both spiritually/astrally and physically. I could feel the difference within my own physical body as well as my astral one. When I came back from the Astral, usually intense thing such as that I need grounding afterwards so I get sucked back to the physical mind really quick, I could feel the difference. It was like a breath of fresh air as well as like a veil and earmuffs were ripped off. I could see and sense him without even trying and it was like I suddenly had another within my mind, clear as a bell. It’s never been that clear before, I thought it had been but it’s like he is alwys there, just not tuned in, but still there.

I cannot wait to see what it will be like with the others, but it has been an amazing experience that I should have done a long time ago.


The Crap in the Sea

One of the things that I struggle with is something that is very crucial for spirit workers and astral traveler’s to be aware of. I collect energies on my body and it’s horrible when things start attaching themselves to me because of this. Parasites are the best way of really explaining this.

When I got to the beach, I completely shut down. It was crap and I couldn’t relax for three days. I felt cut off and anxiety driven.

When I finally did manage to call some of my spirits to me, it was not pretty. They had to rip off these octopus looking things that covered both my eyes, my third eye, my chest and my back. There were these weird salamander/eel/fish things that were attached to my legs.

First thing I learned is that these octopus blobs were creatures that fed on blockages and energy buildups that create issues. So in a way, they are a nice symbiotic type of spirit, but if they are left to their devices for too long, they become a hindrance and too much is taken from you.

So when I finally did open, it was bizarre and I closed off certain aspects such as my sight to see spirits because frankly they were terrifying and gross to look at. Terryifying as in they weirded me out.

I’m thinking of having some of my own spirits help bring some of these spirits back to my own place, since they are much like leeches, they feed and sleep and reproduce. They don’t have a higher thinking. It would be a good thing to have them help in our healing wards/building for Utopia. They would benefit from the energies being fed and taken care of and we would be able to help other spirits and travelers. It’s something I’d have to work out with the local spirits there and see if this is something invasive and permitted by their own society. If the octupus is a pest/overpopulation thing, or something critical to their environment. We would leave them be if there is a critical need for them.

Just my thoughts and reaccounting of while I was in the Dominican Republic.
I wish that there was more to this, I jsut couldn’t get groundd and relaxed to work with spirits. Always busy with the real world and excursions.

Astral Destinations: Trabine Bar

I returned back to the bar, much like I had wanted to in the first place. It’s such a unique place to be and I wanted to know a bit more about it. I also wanted to get enough information for people to be able to tentatively reach it. This still requires some look into the area and the people, so please be cautious when traveling there. There is much still to learn and known about the realm.

When I got there, I knocked [more below]. When I entered, the barkeep was there as when he had before. It was really nice to see him again, especially when he remembered me. When I walked in, it was quiet and not many were there this time. I do have a feeling that certain knocks will go to different planes? But I’ll have to test that. Either way, I think it may be an illusion thing. The knocks may signal which one that you go into. The one I had chosen was for safety and peace. Hence the lack of spirits there.

We talked for a bit, he slid a drink to me “on the house”. I paid him back with a special crystal I’ve found on my travels. It’s pretty rare and valuable to some. Thankfully, such a  case here. Enough so that I was able to garner anything that I wanted at anytime, forever. It was a small piece, I have some that are hundred times that size. Although it was a gesture on my part for wanting to pay him for being so kind and welcoming.

We talked for a bit, asking him a few questions about the bar and such. It was a short trip, I was having problems with real life needing attention and anxiety over those. So it made it difficult to focus. I’ll definitely be going back again to explore.

If you wish to visit:

First thing, when you travel to there, you will come to the desert. It’s hot and it’s very windy there. When you approach the door, knock a pattern.

Each dash [•] is a knock.

Safety and Peaceful Passing Through:

•••|••|•|••|•  [wait for a second] •••|••|•|••|•

For Private Bar [ie:meeting someone specific] :

•|•••|••|•••• [wait for a second] •|•••|••|••••

For Regular Bar [For those who are safe to any there, no harm]:


** Just walking into the door will bring you into the bar, just normal, but you will be treated warily. This is because those who use the tapping above will be told by others. This tapping lets those inside know that you have been there and mean no harm, or you were referred there and mean no harm. Those walking in without it are either new or they meant business.

Second, make sure that you have something with you as payment or that you are able to create something from energy. This is their form of payment, although if you work with more high tech areas that use other forms of payment those work as well.

Third, be polite and don’t stare. They are there for peace and for traveling. Most of those in there do not wish for trouble, in fact, may be escaping trouble. Fights will get you killed or banished. They also will bar you from coming back. One last thing, don’t stare at others [it’s rude anyway].

The bartender is willing to answer any questions you have, even for directions [if he knows]. Make sure to be nice with him, he said that he is welcoming those coming in.

How to go to Trabine Bar:

Pronounced: trah-bean

There are a few ways in which you can do so.
1. First is the easiest, by using the cues of imagery that I’ve told you about, you can get in that way.
2. Second, you can use the name itself and let your mind guide you to it.
3. Third, If you are really stuck, you can call upon these little dirt devils [?]. They are tiny brown armadillo creatures that scuttle around, but serves as guides through that particular desert. If you call upon one of those, they can guide you to Trabine Bar. All you do is focus on the name of the bar [Trabine] and ask for a guide to come to you to direct you to it. These little creatures are call Craeline [kray-lean], which should help in calling one to you. The only ones you should answer or follow are the ones that look like the armadillo. Anything else, you must turn away. Make sure to have your protections up for this.

Otherwise, do feel free to message me about it if you want to know more. You can also comment [since I get alerts on those] if you have questions or even been there and want to share extra info!

Transitional Realm: The Bar

The first time that I went The Bar, which is what I am naming this particular realm, was sometime in fall of 2016. I was doing a Calling Match for someone and this was the realm where the spirit was located. I get dropped in this realm, where it is a desert with nothing in sight for hundreds of miles at least. There is the hole in the ground, metal looking building. I go inside and it is like stepping into a Star Wars set. The Catina is a mixture of the old and the new, with the bar being high tech sci-fi, while the seating and the other areas look as if they were carved from the sandstone.

I approach the bartender, where he greets me with a kind smile. I just know what to say, but whatever I did say, brought out exactly who I was looking for. The spirit that I was doing a Matched Calling for, he ran the transitional plane and protected it.

I was told that I was always welcome to return, but I have yet to do so. I want to here in a short while, there were many different characters hanging around. The Anthropologist in me wants to know more. Next time, I’m hoping to have a better idea of what it looks like and how to get there. Eventually, I may be able to get them to open it up to any traveler, so that those reading about it can find it.