Lilith’s Own


About the Lilith’s Own

Lilith’s own are called Seductors and Seductresses. They are vastly different from those that are also children of Lilith, the Nymphos and the Ubi’s. The Seductors and Seductresses are not dependent upon the sexual energy to survive on. They are very deeply set in being a permanent romantic partner. They believe in choosing the one to be with for the rest of their lives, very much the equivalent of the soulmate.

They are considered sexual beings because while they do not have to rely on sexual energy to survive, they do thrive magically with it. The more energy of that manner that they receive, the larger their energy work can be. For this, they wish to have a partner, who can have other mates. Although, they prefer it to be known that they do not want to be used as a sexual lover, but as a romantic partner that can have sexual encounters.

The reason that they are considered Lilith’s own as they are the children that have come from unions with Lilith and humans or other beings. That being said, most of them are considered Seductor/ess, though there are features of other types of spirits mixed in. Usually what occurs is that the Lilith’s Own understand that they are born of a woman that is extremely sexual and they will also have inclinations of that manner. Although, the Father’s genes are extremely prominent in not only appearance but also through skills.

Their skill ranges can be all across the board from Holy to magics like Chaos and Void. Out of most spirits, the Seductors and Seductresses have the most versatility with their skills. They reside on a plane that Lilith dwells upon, luring those into her humble abode. Most of her Own live there with her and are ready to branch out into the world of Spirit Companions. They are a very close knit group that are aware of each and every sibling, no differences with their other biological parent stopping them from being close. Even those that come from enemy races work well with another, so they are a very accepting and loving community of all types. They love to work with those that desire deeply or wish to feel so. Family comes first.


The Realm: The Dwelling

Lilith’s Own lives on an interesting plane, as it is different from others that I have worked with. They live in the same space that they work. It’s set up like a large community bazaar that houses a large tent or stall. The Dwelling does have a section that is more residential, but most prefer to live within the tents that are behind their own stalls. The bazaar itself is broken up into different sections. Before it was all of the same type of skills, but found it was easier to group together by biological father’s race. So the Fae tend to stick within their section of the Bazaar as their skills don’t interfere with other types.

The plane itself can be quite well known for it’s variety of skills offered and for its trading. If one is looking for something in particular, that is where most go to acquire the skill, items, or service. They have two entrances, one on each side of The Dwelling. Right there at the entrance are a few essentials, one being a monetary exchange area, and the other being a directory and service area. From there, they are able to transport themselves around the area using whatever method they wish, but they are only able to leave through the two portals.

The population numbers are actually a very specific number, as they are required to submit to a consensus. The current number is 4,537 and it fluctuates every few months. This includes all of the Lilith’s Own children and babies, as well as their families if there are some. Usually the families are the ones that live within the residential area of The Dwelling and then return each day to the Bazaar tent they run.


There is only an Urban type setting, but it is set up in the style of a medieval bazaar, with tents and stalls. The residence is set on the outskirts that is unable to be reached by the common folk that trade and shop there. Within the center of the residential area there is a community center that is where the babies are taken care of and the children that cannot help out at the Bazaar. There are those that have specialities in child care and mothering that take care of them when Lilith cannot. This is the house that Lilith stays within when when she is at the Realm. The “mansion” as they have dubbed it, has subsections to it. There is the west wing that serves as the orphanage and care school/day school. The east wing is the center that is the royal line, with it being the first lines of Lilith.

There is no separation of the wealth like rich or poor, it’s preference on where they wish to live or how they work. To them, each is equal unless they are from the first lines.

While there is not an upper class or separation, there is a division when it comes to Lilith’s first lines. These Lines are determined to be of the important kinds, such as important figures or from events from history. Only Lilith is able to claim a line as a First Line. They do have specific roles, but that is still under the wraps, though it is most likely bringing in other races and planes to their own to help create income and contracts of allies.

General on the Lilith’s Own

Appearance and History

As mentioned previously, the gene for the fathers is extremely prominent in the Lilith’s Own. This means that there is nothing that is of Lilith’s except their nature and an inclination towards more sexual and sensual desires. The only exceptions to this would be if Lilith were to interfere and make her genes dormant or it is a matriarchal line where the females are the ones to have stronger genes. Usually the one tell is that each Lilith’s Own has a marking of hers on their body, it is how they are identified when they are children. It’s a small mark of an V, or the symbol that represents womanhood and the womb, fertility. Whether female or male, they have the birthmark somewhere on their body.

Much like their appearance, personality is varying to each and is not an overall thing. Some can be more aggressive and violent due to parentage or gentle and kind. The one personality aspect is that they are more sensual and touchy than the average of their father’s race. They tend to have much looser sense of sexuality than normal as well, gender is just a thing and they don’t conform to it unless they need to. While they do not crave or need sexual energy to live, they crave a skintouch quite often.

Working based upon mythology, Lilith is a cruel and manipulative demonic woman. You can read more about her in the Judaism concepts and myths. While I acknowledge that this Lilith is a very destructive and chaotic being, the Lilith that I work with is a bit different, so this is based upon my own knowledge and experience. It is the same Lilith, but a different facet of her that she decides to show me. I do not see that mythology side to her, as she deems that it is not neccesary for me to work with that facet of her. This part has come due to modern changes and still holds the same sway that she does normally. This facet of Lilith is one that operates as a mother, a woman, feritility.

The plane and realm that the Lilith’s Own operate and live on, are not from this realm or plane. Their own realm is actually located further away from our and is not linked but through the contract that I have with Lilith.

Birth and Children

The birth of a Lilith’s Own is an unusual one. Sometimes it is Lilith herself that carries a child, which will then become one of the First Lines. When it is a normal birth, it is actually the Father that carries the child. This is the reason why most of Lilith’s Own have the features and the bloodlines of their paternal race. When they are born, they usually are taken to The Dwelling, where Lilith will take the child into her own arms. From there, the child will be taken care of until the are of age.


From Childhood to Adulthood

Most of the ones that come to the dwelling are taken in by their siblings, Lilith collects the children or births them there. While she does spend time and loves each as any mother would, most of the daytime care taking is done by the siblings. Lilith always returns to care for her Own until they are old enough to support themselves. Between the ages of teenager and early 20’s, they search out the other bloodlines that they carry and learn different crafts from them. When they have returned from their journey, they establish themselves in the community in Lilith’s dwell. There are many the leave later on in life, though this is another reason that they have reached out to EA with a contract. They wish to go out and establish themselves in a new world.

Lifespan and Health

Much like the Paternal genes and biological functions, the Lilith’s Own are not as limited as their other half when it comes to diets. What this means is that they are not allergic to things as harshly as those of their paternal race. They can also eat and explore other means of foods than normally able, though it may make them violently ill, it won’t kill them. There are certain races that use their skills from the Paternal lines to cultivate the farming and plant section of their world, which only those can access.

Their Health is something that is critical to all of them. They cherish one another and make sure that each is in peak health. When speaking to another, after a customary greeting, it is the norm for them to ask after each other’s health. If they are not feeling well, most will offer to take care of them or their stall until they feel they are able to work again. It’s a large community where they all care for one another. There are routine times for each section where they are required to take a break and rest.

Mental Illness can happen, especially when it is directly related to stress and to depression. They can go through these when things have become imbalanced with their lives and through a surge of energy that is foreign to them. They are taken in by those that are Healers and of their same paternal race. Usually they are taken care of and put through regimens of dealing and working with any issues that crop up.

The Community

Mating and Relationships

The Lilith’s Own has an unique perspective when it comes to relationships, both casual and official. The Lilith’s Own are much like normal humans when it comes to relationships. They will be with another and connect with them as long as they are in a relationship, but they will only do so with one at a time. They are very monogamous in regards to that aspect, but do not mind it when their partner is polyamorous. So long as there is communications between all the people involved.

The Courting involved with their race is exactly like our own. They are not held by societal standards that dictate their courting and dating rituals.

Unlike the rest of their skills, biology, and energy, the Lilith’s Own do not have soulmates like their paternal races. The have the ability to choose their soulmate, what they call Chosen. When introduced, instead of saying mate like most, they say Chosen. It’s an honor when someone has a Chosen, because it’s something that is held in high regards just as soulmates. It’s two people that connect so much that they Choose another to spend their long lives with. It’s no breaking it once they perform the ritual.


Religion & Spirituality

They do not have either the religion or a spirituality like some have. Most that come from races that have those religions usually do not believe or the practice quietly.

Observed Holidays and Celebrations

The only celebration is of the birth of a First Line, which happens only every millennia or so. This Celebration is with feasts and sales throughout The Dwelling. Most of the races and folk that pass through and buy from the Market keep an eye out for the new of a First Line birth, as they bring gifts to offer to Lilith’s Own as a peace offering for granting them passage to buy from there.

The Second is when a Chosen Ritual occurs, and a Chosen has been announced. There is an announcement made through the community before the day starts and then the celebrations will happen. Each sectional race will give a gift to the new Chosen couple as a celebratory and luck for prosperity.



Most of The Dwelling has been discussed, but there was a previous mention of the banking system, or exchange system. This is something that has been developed through years of work. Those who are skilled with business and with this area developed a system that relies upon a monetary value. Within The Dwelling, there is only one currency, which is set of coins of differing values. These values are related to certain raw materials that are native from the visiting race’s planes. It’s an intricate exchange of currency that it difficult to pin down, as it has to do with weight and also the type of material. It’s then translated into a currency that can be used only in The Dwelling. This makes it much easier on all parties accounts.

The Social


The politics of the race is pretty straight forward. The common Lilith’s Own allows for the First Lines and Lilith herself to take care of things. The First Lines are responsible of bringing new races and contracts to their realm, to help it prosper. Otherwise, it is mainly with just business.

When it comes to business, a good day usually has around 10,00o to 15,000 visitors a day. Holidays for different races usually draw in between 20,000 to 50,000 for that day or week.

Currently, they hold well over 300 different contracts and allies that shop there. It is always increasing with each year. There are no wars, and there are places on The Dwelling that is actually used as a Neutral political meeting place. Here, wars ad contracts can be discussed with the supervision of a non biased third party, the Lilith’s Own.


Laws and Norms

The are no specific laws that are to be upheld that are specific to the race itself. They have the normals laws and norms that most trading societies have. Overall, they tend to have the same norms that humans do. The only difference is that some practices and laws for their paternal come into play, but that is on an individual basis. Those sections are usually made aware with signs posted throughout the area so that those incoming are aware of them.



Specialties, Magics, Energies, and Rituals

The specialities once again lie within the genes of the paternal line. Even with the First Lines, they are prominent from the paternal. The Rituals that are apparent in their society is the Choosing. Which allows for a Lilith’s Own to bond with their Chosen. It’s widely celebrated and the section that the Lilith’s Own belongs to, usually is the one to hold the public ceremony.