This dictionary include the meanings and translations of the words that can be found on this site. Below is a list of the languages and their corresponding spirit culture.

Rajaek: Lanuage of the Rajael Ravstervrajh
 Lanuage of the Volunierk
 Lanuage of the Astriferous Dragons
 Lanuage of the Yilugh
 Lanuage of the Gemmave


Astriferous: It means the bearing of stars. It was chosen because of the same as Astral, meaning of stars. You can read more about how the name came to be here.New Name, New Meaning


Elontris: (E-lohn-tree), the s being silent, was gifted to me upon the completion of my Testing. It translates to being, though whether it is a noun or a state of being, Im not quite sure.

 Crow for the word Ambassador. It is the person who speaks and teaches about their kind.


Leanel: (Lee-ah-nel) Kolemeia for Opening Spring, the first day of spring, usually beginning of April.


Rajkallevra: Rajaek for the word Queen. Literal translation stands for the Speaker of the People.

Rajkallevraj: Rajaek for the masculine word King. Literal translation stands for the Speaker of the People.

Rajkalja: Rajaek for the word Princess. Literal translation stands for Listener of the People.

Ralkjin: (Rajaek) The prefix Ral- means young royal. The suffix -kjin means Speaker. A Ralkjin has the literal translation of Young Royal Speaker. It’s colloquial meaning is Speaker of the Royals.

Rajkolji: Rajaek for the masculine word Prince. Literal translation stands for Listener of the People.

Ravj: Rajaek for the Class, Royal.



Soluna:  Crow for the Soulmate Spouse. A more detailed page on the Soulmate Spouse can be found on the link attached.


Voluniearva:  Meaning Earth Ones, they are another sister clan of the Volunierk. They are connected deep with the earth and the realm they wield. They are the ones that bring the grass to their green height, and the flowers to their bloom.

Volunierk: They are a community of Drow that is the center of their culture. The word Volunierk describes both their race and the capital city of their people. They are the main driving force behind the community of Drow instead of the cousin, Nomadic Drow.

Volunierna:  Meaning Dark Ones, they are a sister clan to the Volunierk, the Volunierna is much darker. They are the ones that most people are aware of, mainly being the ones with cursing and dark magic.



Yilugh: the Deer of Destiny. They guide the highest of souls and people on their paths. They could be considered celestial as they work in line with those of the Fate deities and the Universe itself.