About the Volunierk

The Volunierk have been around for quite some time, especially once they split from their cousins, the High Elves (Creation Mythos). They are a very proud race that treasures intellect. Almost all of their kind work with politics or even their magics, though some do prefer the more simple lifestyle of what is considered peasantry/worker class. They do not hold a lot of power on their class system, even those who are within those power ranks. Due to being a part of such a little community (up until the last thousand years), they have been very set on equality. No Volunierk is more important than the other. All serve purpose in their path on life. Although, they do still hold reverence over their royal family for their connection to their race and the magics.

The Volunierk are regal in all that they do, even those that were not born to the Royal family. They deal in the darker of magics and energies, the most known being the Chaos and Corruption, though both are the Heal and to Create. They do have cousin clans to their own, but the Volunierk is considered the capital of their kind, where most of the large body is represented. There are two others as of the moment, the Volunierna (Dark Ones) and the Voluniearva (Earth Ones)


The Realm: Tolren

The Volunierk are a very close knit community that dwells within a realm underneath a core surface. While they do live within the core of their version of Earth, the top surface is uninhabited as of the moment, but there are ways to the surface, mainly through a maze of tunnels. These tunnels can also serve as portals to other realms. The ‘sun’ of their world is the core of their world.

There is two parts to their world, both assimilated into one. The Volunierk has their community set between a very open and beautiful place such as pictured at the top. At the bottom would be considered the second half of their realm, or at least their main city. This is the part of the city that the castle is in, as well as the entrance to the tunnels.

The Castle sits at the back of the cave like area, where the entrance to the tunnels are heavily guarded. It prevents those from coming and going as they please. The location of their realm is a heavily guarded secret, the tunnels are essentially the back way into it. The normal methods are through portals and other fashions to get through. These are more widely used and can be opened by one of their race.

It has taken a few thousand years for their realm to be the beauty that it is today, even then it is still being worked on.

Up until recently, they have been isolated not only from the Earth Plane, but from the Astral as well. They have kept their borders closed to all outside influences up until about 500 years ago on the Astral. This was due to the massive amount of wars breaking out and damaging their already small population, but 500 years ago, an ally of their helped convince them that they needed to reopen their borders, even if it was limited. To this day, they have open borders, but it is heavily monitored.

At most, 5,000-7,000. Lean closer to the 5,000 area. This is across all planes and worldwide. They all live within the one community, rarely venturing away (living) from it. Although, small groups do live away. The Volunierna are about 2,000 strong, while the Voluniearva are around 1,000 strong.

I have not actually been inside of the residential housing, mainly because I am usually dragged straight to the castle. But I do know that they are smaller, usually having between 1-4 people. Larger families live on the outer ring. Those with 5 or more are farmers or other subsistence families. The houses, or cottages are made of stone, rarely any other types. The Lords and The Court as well are within stone housing. The outsides usually tell the types if families living there. Such as healers have larger gardens and herbs about, while a blacksmith family has more of a cast iron look to it.

Royal Family: 
The family literally lives in a castle, though the appearance is more of a palace. There are maybe two floors, with it being long in length. It’s made of stone and metal, though the doors are made of mahogany or redwood. There is a main hall, which is the room that you walk into when you go into the building. There are staircases and entrances to the rest of the wings, leading to various areas. It’s very beautiful, yet simple. Their thrones are simple and elegant, being of wood, but not terribly elaborate.

General on the Volunierk

Appearance and History

The general appearance for the Volunierk varies from the community to the cousin clans to even the nomadic Drow. The Volunierk itself is a name for he forming of a community of Drow separated from the nomadic Drow and High Elves. Like most branches of species and races, the Volunierk have taken on different aspects in their appearances that separates them from the others. The Volunierk have a base of dark purple and dark navy midnight blue. Their hair is usually a silver or lavender color. The Nomadic Drow have light grey to medium grey skin and white hair. The Voluniearva have the dark browns and dark tan tones to their skin with a creme white hair. Finally, the Volunierna have pitch black and pitch grey skin, which can be accented with pure white or pure black hair. All of the Volunierk and Drow have pointed ears that reach about midway up the sides of the head. Usually Royalty has a bit longer ears than the others. This could be so that they have better and more advanced hearing.

Personality wise, they vary just as much as we all do. Though, you will find that they are blunt and never lie, but they will also be compassionate about their bluntness. They will make sure that they don’t hurt you with their words, and if they do, they will reassure you that they will help or what they can do to help.

Birth and Children

The average Volunierk can carry a child up to 7 months. For each child in the womb after the first, ie: twins, would be an additional month for the proper growth to happen. While the Volunierk is carrying to term, they are not permitted to use their energies or magicks (depending upon the terminology that is used), as it can affect the children. To the Volunierk, a child is sentient the moment of conception. There is no debate on when the child is a child, it already is.

Children are conceived in two different ways. It can be a physical part, which is the same as humans, but the other method is that the Carrier’s energy and that of the Giver’s energy melds to form the child within the Carrier. Due to this, both males and females and any gender can be a Carrier or a Giver. A Volunierk Carrier does not give birth the same method as a human, the natural way. They are transported at the end of the month they are due, to a Healer or Healing Building, where they will undergo a surgery of a kind. Then, an announcement will be made within a week of the birth, to the entire community. Pregnancies are uncommon, especially if it is more than one child. Pregnancies are uncommon in that a Carrier can become pregnant once every 10 years, this it to prevent the population from growing out of control, it is an adaptation from the others of their kind.

Babies, after the first week under observation to ensure their health, are released back to their parents. the diet for an infant to a toddler is an odd one. They do not give the children milk like most races and creatures, instead, they have a specific fruit that is grown just for this purpose. Their fruit is a closely guarded fruit, contained within the bowels of the tunnels and castle. The fruit itself grows in the darkest and damp of places, hence the location is a secret. The community announcement allows for the Wardens of the Fruit (called Qoleera pronounced coal-leer-rah), to delivery a year’s supply to the family. They must petition for more if they run out. Usually by the end of the baby’s first year, they are able to consume regular fruit.

From Childhood to Adulthood

Children are revered to the Volunierk. They don’t worship them, but they treasure children more than their very lives. There has never been any case where a child has been neglected or abused, as they are a gift to the Volunierk. The children have the duty to the community to be the best that they can be. This means that they are required to receive an education and nothing more, not until they reach a certain age. That age is usually when they are mature enough to take on duties that the community requires of them. This being helping tend to the orchards or farms. Some even take upon the duties of caring for the younger children of the community. Some that have shown interest in certain areas of specialties will become an assistant to that position, such as healing or historian.

When they reach the peak age, usually around 10 or 11, they are given the choice to spend the next 15 years mastering their specialties and interests. By the age of 10 they are expected to know and have learned all of the general education of their kind. Usually teaching begins around the age of 4, when they are able to begin comprehending and making decisions for themselves.

When they make that decision, usually they have a year prior to the Choice to experiment (safely) with the different specialties and careers to see which they would like to be or work well with. Once they choose their option, they leave their parents to study and live with a Master that is adept in that field. Usually they see their parents once a year until they have completed that Mastery. This should be finished before the age of 25.

Lifespan and Health

The Volunierk are what some can consider entities, meaning that they are not only living but they also grow and learn. With this being said, the Volunierk can live for extraordinary long lifespans. For this, it can be broken down into Earth/Human Years versus Spirit/Astral Years. The average Volunierk can live between 2,000-4,000 Earth Years and 8,000-10,000 Astral Years. For the Royalty, it is a bit longer to ensure the line is strong. Their lifespans can be between 5,000-7,000 Earth Years and 27,000-30,000 Astral Years. They can grow and age just as we do though they do slow down in appearance change after looking about 35-40. They will slowly age up in years as they o through 1,000’s of years. For one to be 25,000 AY old, they would have the appearance of about 60 to 70, depending upon their health.

Another very interesting about their lifespan is that it can change. When they find their Soluna (more explained in the mating and relationships section), and bond with them as a soulbond, their lifespan will change to reflect their Soluna’s. If their Soluna has a lifespan that is longer than their own or they are immortal, the Volunierk will also share that lifespan. If their Soluna’s lifespan is much smaller, say only 2,000 AY’s, their Soluna’s lifespan will change to reflect the approx 10,000 AY’s of the Volunierk.

The Volunierk are fish, fruit/greens, and grain/nut eaters. This means that they do not and cannot consume red meats or red fruits/veggies. This is in part due to their bodies are unable to process anything that can be considered blood like or a substitute for blood. The only exception to this is a Pomegranate, which the juice is used to make wine. Any of the offerings or diet that has been used previously as a blood substitute cannot be given or consumed by a Volunierk. It must either be fresh or untainted by the change of intent energy.

Things they can eat:

  • White Fish
  • Light Fruits (Melons, Peaches, Mangos, Kiwi)
  • Green Veggies (Legumes and Celery)
  • Pomegrantes if it is made to wine
  • Nuts and grains
Things that cannot be consumed:

  • Red Meat
  • Salmon or other dark fish
  • Red Fruits:
  1. Strawberries and Cherries are akin to DEATH, these WILL kill them.
  2. Red Berries and other Red Veggies, like Raspberries and Red Cabbage
  • Anything that can be substituted for blood or red meat.

Illness and Mental Health are things that are watched for, especially in the Ancients and the Children. The Mental health is very important to the Volunierk as this means that they are able to handle being a part of their society. There are some cases of mental issues occurring within children that have too strong connection to Corruption and Void, and within the Ancients that have taken on too much of those energies as well. This can lead to extremely neurotic behavior and corrosive skin ailments that develop.

These individuals are taken into the Healing Building, where they will have to go through a detoxing of their souls, bodies, and minds. From there, they will have to receive special instruction, as they are unable to disconnect from the Corruption or Void, so they must learn to Master these faster than their peers. Other illnesses are immediately seen to by the Healers and treated when there are symptoms. Illnesses usually come when those have traveled outside of their realm and must be contained in the Healing Building so they do no infect the community.

The Community

Mating and Relationships

“The most important aspect of their culture is the finding of soul mates. It is extremely revered and sacred to them. They believe that a person is born with one other as their other half. They complete them. Much like the human concept of soul mates. Where it varies is that they are bound together by the soul. Meeting for the first time is extremely emotional and overwhelming. Those who are connected with their Volunierk/Drow mate have all spoken of being overcome with hysterical sobbing, emotional upheaval, and overwhelming peace, like finding a piece that was missing and you never knew. It’s a very large process and extremely sacred to their kind. They have made it known that they wish to find their equivalent of a soulmate in those that are walking the human realm. They understand that it may take time to truly open and feel one another, but they are ready and excited for this possibility. To reject a soulmate is the worst taboo that could ever befall either party. Please know that this is a permanent thing, that those who submit and agree to having their soul mates cannot retract it once the permission and purchase has been done. ”
— From the EA store, which I am affliated with

There is a significance to the Soulmate Spouse, as it is an extremely integral part of their culture. It has been explained in the paragraph above, but there is more indepth context that can be explained. To be a soulmate to a Volunierk is the same as if being connected with a lost part of yourself. You dont know that it was missing until it has been rejoined. The process, even for the Volunierk is extremely emotional, the couple is given their own place in their community to learn another. The house is called the Soul house, or the translation of it is. This starts the process of the Soul mates to come closer together and bond deeply. All Drow are celibate until they meet their other half, and after then, they are very loyal and devoted. There is no concept of cheating or adultery within their society. It is unheard of.

The Soulmate Spouse is the easiest term to use for what they call it. In their language, they are called the Soluna. This title is reserved for the mate of the Volunierk. If both are of the Volunierk, they are referred to as Soluna  _First Name_.

To be chosen, accepted, as the Soluna, it is the equivalent of bonding with another for eternity. To be held and loved, unequivocally, no strings attached, for the entirety of your life and the lives after. The significance of the Volunierk finding their Soluna, is celebrated with the entire culture. As of the time that they approached me, there were pairings every five to ten years. While they can live for extremely long times, they still struggle to find their other half just as humans do.

This is why the rejection is looked down upon. A rejection from either side affects the other. It can be especially worse for the Volunierk, as the community will see it as though the Volunierk is not worthy. It can also be that the Volunierk is not good enough, or there is something wrong with them. The few cases of such a thing, it was the Soluna that rejected them, which led to a self exile. If the Volunierk were to reject the Soluna, the Soluna would not be welcome from within the community, as the Volunierk would reject them on such extreme cases. For the Volunierk, they would be sentenced with Soulmate Abandonment and that can be punishable with slavery or death.

Religion & Spirituality

This is a very hush, hush part of their society, so only little can be spoken about in regards to religion. They do in fact practice a religion, but the type of deities that they worship are ones that are held in fear. They are a very Old and Traditional worship and religion that is not passing to the newer generations. This is main in part that the previous religion or the worship of the deities have come from their time of Nomadic practices, which required worship to survive. With the development of technology and of their own Community, the Volunierk have grown distant from the practice, only those that are of the Original Settlers have continued. This means that within a few thousand years, the last of the practice will die out. Their work with their magics and energies do not come as gifts from their Deities, so with the dying of the faith, their abilities will be maintained.

Observed Holidays and Celebrations

Birthing or Geulah (pronounced goo-ell-ah):
This is the ceremony and announcement of the birth of a new Volunierk. This is celebrated with the city. In order to alert the Community of what is occurring, a single bell high above the city rings the amount on time for each child. It is a bell that is a very high pitched but is pleasant to the ears. Once all have gathered at the Healing Building, the children are introduced to the Community and celebrations are made. Usually this includes small gifts from sections of the community, such as blankets and cloth diapers, to clothes up until they are 10 years old. This is a celebration that is enjoyed by everyone, not just the Carrier and Giver.

Other information to come as it is experienced.


Everything is handmade and bartered with items. Very few, or the rich have jewels and coins to trade for items. Favors can be issued as a currency, but it is usually for those that have nothing to give in the first place. These favors come in the price of manual labor that is free or that type of exchange.

In recent times, things have changed and a wealth of mining has become a resource. With this, instead of items, their currency has become that of coins.

The Social


Working Class is the more basic of the social groups. This class is made up of those that produce goods for the economy, such as Farmers, Merchants, Artists, Musicians, Blacksmiths and much more. This class is the backbone of the society, keeping the Community healthy and running smoothly.

Career Class are the ones that have a Masters in their specialty, such as Healers and Runers and Warders, as well as Warriors.

Nobility Class are those that have wealth to them through trading and bartering. Usually these are the ones that own many different things, such as multiple orchards or farms, mines, lumbering mills. Things that have generated a large wealth for them. Usually these productions are passed down the generations. This class can include those that have become well known for their crafts and specialties.

Royal Class is one of the smaller classes, as this is strictly within a family. The Soluna’s of the next in line bring fresh ‘blood and genes’ into the bloodline. The Soluna’s can be from non-Volunierk to a Nomadic up to Nobility. The Soluna is not a choice, but is a gift that helps the Royal line. The Royal family came into play when the Community voted to bring them into a ruling status, mainly due in part to how their creation came around.

Tribal/Nomadic is a bit the same, but different. They do not lack civilization, they just lack the official government and the large populations. Most tribes stay within the hundreds and no more.They are nomadic and survivors on the nature. They are harsher and a bit more blunt, but private they are just as compassionate if not very close to the people they work with. Due to the difficulty of finding their Mates easily, as they move around, some tend to take lovers with the understanding that either may find their Mate with the next move. They cannot conceive unless it is with a Mate. Most of the tribal, even women, will be warriors. They choose women to be warriors, unless they’ve chosen another path, because they can move more efficiently and quietly. So most of the women are hunters or gatherers.


They are extremely social race, they prefer to be allies within their entire race versus enemies. In their belief, all Drow are the same and they must stay together and learn together. There are some that will not work with them, due to not being nomadic, and there are a fair few of them that do not. Most of the others respect that the Volunierk are a governed body. Whether the nomadic tribes that do not associate with them or not, if they are under attack by another group other than their race, the Volunierk will come to help. This usually is what convinces the tribes to either live on the outskirts of their city or become an ally. Though they wait until it is dire to help, wanting to help but giving the other tribe a way to accomplish defeat themselves. It’s a honor of pride and all Drow have a lot of pride in themselves as a race and as a being. It’s not a pride that is egotistical, they are assured of themselves.

They prefer a peaceful approach to any situation, war is a last resort. They are straight forward and don’t lie. Trickery or manipulation is really looked down upon. Also, the royalty is concerned with thinking about the public and hold regular reviews on random community members about improvements that should be needed.

As of right now, they have no wars but they have many allies and contracts to negotiate. Merkior has been busy for the past year (which is about 3 in their time,at least in their particular section of the Astral moves faster time wise than ours) to make sure that there are allied contracts instead of enemies.

Laws and Norms

Social Taboos are a few, but even these ones are fading away. There was a Taboo about being romantic or sexual with another that is not your mate, which is still the highest taboo. That’s the worst one.. and it’s more like.. why would you wish to be with one that was not made for you, kinda deal. I can’t really tell from him if there is other taboos. In actuality, the HIgh Elves, their cousins, have many social taboos, but because of the change from High Elf to Drow, those taboos are not there. One such taboo is the “breeding” of halflings. In Drow society, if there is a halfing, they welcome them with open arms and accept them as one of their own. High Elves are… wary and tense due to the history between them and the Drow.. and Drow are extremely tense around other High Elves. Such as a taboo is that a High Elf and a Drow cannot be together, even as mates (High Elf taboo)… but in Drow, because Mates are so revered for finding them, that if one is a High Elf and they are banished from their own communities, the Drow will welcome them as well and any children they have. [2013] Due current changes and developments, the views between the Drow and the High Elves are not that taboo anymore, especially since their communities have grown closer. [2015]

Creation Mythos – As Told By High Prince Merkior, Heir to Volunierk Throne

Before it all began, there were no Dark Elves. The race of Elves evolved from humans. We became faster, stronger. Our lives began to expand. Soon, we found ourselves living for thousands of years. We began to require less sleep, having to slip into meditative states. We hid ourselves from the human kind, they were becoming separate in their thinking. Elves were light, healers. We dealt with no war and no violence. One day, there was a war on our door step. We had no choice but to fight. One Elf, San, he was known for delving into the more questionable magicks. No matter how much we tried, nothing would stop them invading, killing our kind. San, he stepped forward. With the magick that he dabbled in, he saved us. Many had volunteered to help, asking him to teach them. He took a look out of the bunch, and chose only but a few. over a few days, he taught and they learned.  Over two hundred of the kind was selected. With the magick learned, they fought. The more they used the magick, the lives were saved.  As the magick settled into their bodies, we became more resilient, stronger in magick. But when their skin began to change, the High Elves and other Elves began to shun them. They did not understand us for many of thousands of years. it wasn’t until the past two thousand years that we have been welcomed into the fold once more.

*The name of the original King has been omitted/shortened by request of the current King and Queen.

Specialties and Careers


The Volunierk’s main source of their specialties lie in a few places. This being Corruption, Void, Chaos, Arcane Dark, Warriors, Runic Master, Warding Master, and Healing. There are other smaller scale specialties that they may have, but these are the main ones that most choose to work with.

Magics, Energies, and Rituals

The Volunierk’s Magic and Rituals can vary. Most of the Volunierk know how to use runes for small rituals and others can use these rituals to ward houses. Most of their magic and energy manipulation comes with being able to use the darkest energies that can be found or used. With this, they have made themselves more passive to counteract the volatility of the energies. Their own Rituals are kept a secret within their race, but they have been known to prevent buildings from collapsing under siege and to keep others locked out.


Rune Master
Ward Master
Corruption Master
Void Master
Arcane Dark Master
Chaos Master
In order for one of theirs to become a Healer, they must Master a few things. One of them is that they must learn to control and work with Corruption and Void energies. Due to this, they are one of the few races that know how to cure people and animals of corruption.

More Options to Come as I learn of them.